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                  TORONTO, CANADA ? Ivanhoe Mines (TSX: IVN; OTCQX: IVPAF) today announced its financial results for the year ended December 31, 2021. Ivanhoe Mines is a leading Canadian mining company developing and expanding its four principal mining and exploration projects in Southern Africa: the Kamoa-Kakula copper mining complex in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) that began commercial operations in July 2021; the Platreef palladium, rhodium, nickel, platinum, copper and gold discovery in South Africa; the historic Kipushi zinc-copper-lead-germanium mine in the DRC; and the expansive exploration program for new copper discoveries on Ivanhoe’s Western Foreland exploration licences, near Kamoa-Kakula. All figures are in U.S. dollars unless otherwise stated.


                  • Ivanhoe Mines recorded a profit of $48.2 million for Q4 2021, compared to a loss of $10.9 million for the same period in 2020. Ivanhoe Mines’ share of profit from the Kamoa-Kakula copper joint venture (Kamoa Holding) and finance income of $103.9 million were the principal contributors to the profit recorded in the fourth quarter.
                  • The Kamoa-Kakula Mining Complex produced 54,481 tonnes of copper in concentrate in Q4 2021, compared to 41,545 tonnes produced in Q3 2021.
                  • Kamoa-Kakula produced a total of 105,884 tonnes of copper in concentrate in 2021, significantly exceeding the initial 2021 production guidance range of 80,000 to 95,000 tonnes, as well as the increased guidance of 92,500 to 100,000 tonnes for 2021.
                  • Kamoa-Kakula’s copper recoveries increased from an average of 81% in July 2021 to a record of 88.5% in December 2021. The Phase 1, steady-state-design copper recovery is approximately 86%, depending on ore feed grade.
                  • During Q4 2021, Kamoa-Kakula sold 53,165 tonnes of payable copper and recognized revenue of $488.5 million, with operating profit of $198.9 million and EBITDA of $357.6 million.
                  • Kamoa-Kakula’s cost of sales per pound (lb) of payable copper sold was $1.12/lb for Q4 2021, while cash costs (C1) per pound of payable copper produced totalled $1.28/lb; compared to $1.08/lb and $1.37/lb in Q3 2021, respectively. Cash costs are expected to continue to trend down as the Phase 2 concentrator plant is commissioned and the mine’s fixed operating costs are spread over increased copper production.
                  • Kamoa-Kakula’s Phase 2 concentrator plant is on track to begin operations in April 2022, which will see a doubling of Kamoa-Kakula’s nameplate milling capacity throughput to 7.6 million tonnes of ore per annum (Mtpa).
                  • A de-bottlenecking program is underway to expand processing capacity of the Phase 1 and Phase 2 concentrators by 21%, to a combined total of 9.2 million tonnes of ore per year. The de-bottlenecking program is projected to boost copper production from Kamoa-Kakula’s first two phases to more than 450,000 tonnes per year by Q2 2023, positioning Kamoa-Kakula as the world's fourth largest copper producer.
                  • Ivanhoe Mines has a strong balance sheet with cash and cash equivalents of $608.2 million as at December 31, 2021, and expects that the majority of Kamoa-Kakula’s expansion capital expenditures on Phase 2 and Phase 3 will be funded from copper sales and project facilities already in place. Based on current market conditions, it is expected that Ivanhoe Mines will start to receive shareholder loan repayments from Kamoa-Kakula in 2022.
                  • During Q4 2021, Ivanhoe continued its copper exploration program on its Western Foreland licences that cover approximately 2,550 square kilometres in close proximity to Kamoa-Kakula. An extensive drilling program is planned for 2022, commencing with the onset of the dry season in the DRC, which will build upon Ivanhoe Mines’ 2021 work program that was focused on airborne and ground-based geophysics, soil sampling and road construction.
                  • Exploration models that successfully led to the discoveries of Kakula, Kakula West, and the Kamoa North Bonanza Zone on the Kamoa-Kakula joint-venture mining licence are being applied to the extensive Western Foreland land package by the team of exploration geologists responsible for the previous discoveries.
                  • In December 2021, the Platreef Project secured a $200-million gold stream financing and additional $100-million palladium and platinum stream financing, with the first prepayment of $75 million received in December 2021.
                  • In February 2022, Ivanhoe Mines announced the outstanding results of a new independent feasibility study for the Platreef Project that builds on the alternate scenario to expedite production, based on a steady-state production rate of 5.2 Mtpa, confirming the viability of a new phased-development pathway to fast-track Platreef into production in Q3 2024.
                  • Platreef feasibility study’s sensitivity analysis at current metal prices of approximately $1,121/oz platinum, $2,979/oz palladium, $22,200/oz rhodium, $1,995/oz gold, $4.84/lb copper and $13.12/lb nickel (March 7, 2022), results in an after-tax NPV8% of $5.1 billion with an after-tax real IRR of 33%.
                  • In February 2022, Ivanhoe Mines and Gécamines signed a new agreement to return the ultra-high-grade Kipushi Mine back to commercial production.
                  • In February 2022, Ivanhoe Mines announced the positive findings of an independent feasibility study for the planned resumption of commercial production at Kipushi based on a two-year construction timeline. Kipushi feasibility study’s sensitivity analysis at current zinc prices of approximately $1.84/lb (March 7, 2022), results in an after-tax NPV8% of $3.0 billion with an after-tax real IRR of 86%.
                  • At the end of 2021, Kamoa-Kakula had reached 2.7 million work hours free of a lost-time injury, Kipushi had reached approximately 4.0 million work hours free of a lost-time injury, and Platreef had reached 677,450 work hours free of a lost-time injury.

                  Principal projects and review of activities

                  1. Kamoa-Kakula Mining Complex
                  39.6%-owned by Ivanhoe Mines
                  Democratic Republic of Congo

                  The Kamoa-Kakula Mining Complex, a joint venture between Ivanhoe Mines and Zijin Mining, has been independently ranked as the world’s fourth-largest copper deposit by international mining consultant Wood Mackenzie. The project is approximately 25 kilometres west of the town of Kolwezi and about 270 kilometres west of Lubumbashi. Kamoa-Kakula began producing copper in May 2021 and achieved commercial production on July 1, 2021.

                  Ivanhoe sold a 49.5% share interest in Kamoa Holding Limited (Kamoa Holding) to Zijin Mining and a 1% share interest in Kamoa Holding to privately owned Crystal River in December 2015. Kamoa Holding holds an 80% interest in the project. Since the conclusion of the Zijin transaction, each shareholder has been required to fund expenditures at Kamoa-Kakula in an amount equivalent to its proportionate shareholding interest. Ivanhoe and Zijin Mining each hold an indirect 39.6% interest in the Kamoa-Kakula Mining Complex, Crystal River holds an indirect 0.8% interest and the DRC government holds a direct 20% interest.

                  Kamoa-Kakula’s Phase 1 and Phase 2 concentrator plants at dusk.

                  Health and safety at Kamoa-Kakula

                  At the end of December 2021, Kamoa-Kakula reached 2,696,794 work hours free of a lost-time injury. One lost-time injury occurred in Q4 2021. The project continues to strive toward its workplace objective of zero harm to all employees and contractors.

                  Kamoa-Kakula has successfully focused on prevention, preparation, and mitigation in managing the risks associated with COVID-19. Large-scale testing, combined with focused preventative measures, ensured that positive cases were quickly identified, isolated, and treated, with cross contamination kept to a minimum. Kamoa-Kakula also continues to focus intensively on rolling out vaccinations across the workforce and local communities. Maintaining this high standard of risk management remains a daily focus, to prevent future cases. More than two thousand employees have at minimum received their first dose of the vaccine.

                  The Kamoa Hospital continues to treat COVID-19 patients when required, as construction progresses well for the expansion and upgrade of the primary healthcare wing. Kamoa-Kakula’s highly experienced doctors and nurses apply the latest medical treatments, supported by a world-leading emergency response and paramedic team.

                  As the pandemic evolves, the medical team at the Kamoa Hospital continues to review and update risk-mitigation protocols, while ensuring that new medical advances are investigated and applied to protect the health and safety of employees and community members.

                  The new Kamoa Hospital is a world-class medical facility featuring state-of-the-art equipment and highly-experienced doctors, nurses and paramedics.

                  John Botomwito, Kamoa Copper’s Superintendent of Health, in the ICU ward of the new hospital.

                  Kamoa-Kakula summary of operating and financial data

                   Q4 2021Q3 2021
                  Ore tonnes milled (000’s tonnes)1,059 861
                  Copper ore grade processed (%)5.96%5.89%
                  Copper recovery (%) 86.40%83.40%
                  Copper in concentrate produced (tonnes) 54,48141,545
                  Payable Copper sold (tonnes)53,165 41,490
                  Sales revenue ($'000)488,536 342,584
                  Cost of sales per pound ($ per lb)1.121.08
                  Cash cost (C1) ($ per lb) 1.28 1.37
                  EBITDA ($'000)357,619 233,212

                  Prior to the start of commercial production on July 1, 2021, 9,858 tonnes of copper in concentrate was produced in Q2 2021, bringing the total tonnes produced for the year ending December 31, 2021, to 105,884.

                  C1 cash costs are prepared on a basis consistent with the industry standard definitions by Wood Mackenzie cost guidelines, but are not measures recognized under IFRS. In calculating the C1 cash cost, the costs are measured on the same basis as the company's share of profit from the Kamoa Holding joint venture that is contained in the financial statements. C1 cash costs are used by management to evaluate operating performance and include all direct mining, processing, and general and administrative costs. Smelter charges and freight deductions on sales to final port of destination, which are recognized as a component of sales revenues, are added to C1 cash cost to arrive at an approximate cost of delivered, finished metal. C1 cash costs exclude royalties and production taxes and non-routine charges as they are not direct production costs.

                  C1 cash cost per pound of payable copper produced can be further broken down as follows:

                    Q4 2021Q3 2021
                  Mining($ per lb)0.270.36
                  Processing($ per lb)0.170.16
                  Logistics charges (delivered to China)($ per lb)0.370.35
                  Treatment, refining and smelter charges($ per lb)0.240.21
                    General and administrative expenditure($ per lb)0.230.29
                  C1 cash cost per pound of payable copper produced($ per lb)1.281.37

                  All figures in the above tables are on a 100%-project basis. Metal reported in concentrate is prior to refining losses or deductions associated with smelter terms.

                  Copper concentrate production from the initial 3.8-Mtpa Kakula concentrator plant commenced in May 2021; commercial production achieved on July 1, 2021

                  First ore was introduced into the Phase 1, 3.8-Mtpa concentrator on May 20, 2021, and the first saleable concentrate was filtered on May 25, 2021, marking the start of concentrate production of the project’s Phase 1 concentrator plant and associated facilities.

                  The Kamoa-Kakula Mining Complex was deemed to have reached commercial production on July 1, 2021, after achieving a milling rate exceeding 80% of design capacity and recoveries close to 70% for a continuous, seven-day period. Revenue recognition, as well as depreciation of Kamoa-Kakula’s Phase 1 concentrator plant and milling operation, commenced on this date.

                  Copper recoveries progressively increased from an average of approximately 81% in July 2021 to approximately 85% in September 2021. Copper flotation recoveries averaged approximately 86% in Q4 2022 and achieved a record 88.5% in December 2021. The Phase 1, steady-state-design copper recovery is approximately 86%, depending on ore feed grade.

                  The Phase 1 concentrator currently is running at a throughput that is in excess of its design capacity of 3.8 Mtpa by more than 15%, with 117% of design throughput achieved in December.

                  54,481 tonnes of copper in concentrate were produced in Q4 2021, up from 41,545 in Q3 2021, for a total of 105,884 tonnes for the year ending December 31, 2021, for delivery to either the Lualaba Copper Smelter near Kolwezi, or to international markets.

                  Spot price of copper (US$/lb) over the last 12 months.

                  The Phase 2 high-pressure-grinding-rolls (HPGR) stockpile feed conveyor (on the right) began commissioning in February 2022. The Phase 1 HPGR feed conveyor and stockpile are on the left.

                  One of Kamoa-Kakula’s talented Congolese mining crews at the entrance to the Kakula Mine’s northern decline.

                  Project completion of Kamoa-Kakula’s Phase 2 processing plant almost complete; Phase 3 engineering studies and early works advancing well

                  Construction of Kamoa-Kakula’s Phase 2, 3.8-Mtpa concentrator plant almost is complete with early stage commissioning activities now underway. Hot commissioning of the concentrator with first ore and initial copper concentrate production are both on track for April 2022.

                  Engineering and early works for the Phase 3 expansion, including a new box cut and twin declines to access new mining areas, are progressing quickly. The third, significantly larger concentrator is being designed and is expected to be commissioned in Q4 2024. Phase 3 is expected to be fed from a combination of the established mine at Kansoko Sud, together with the new mines at Kamoa 1 and Kamoa 2. An updated pre-feasibility study, including the Phase 3 expansion, is expected in Q3 2022.

                  After successfully operating the Phase 1 concentrator for more than eight months, the Kamoa-Kakula team identified a number of relatively minor modifications that are expected to increase ore throughput from the current design of 475 tonnes per hour to 580 tonnes per hour. These modifications include increasing the diameter of a number of pipes, replacing a number of motors and pumps with larger ones and installing additional flotation, concentrate-thickening, concentrate-filtration and tailings-disposal capacity.

                  These modifications will allow the team to consistently operate the concentrator plant at the increased throughput without compromising plant availability, copper recovery or copper concentrate grade. Engineering design is underway and procurement of long-lead items already has started. This de-bottlenecking project is expected to cost approximately $50 million and will increase Kamoa-Kakula’s combined processing capacity to 9.2 Mtpa by Q2 2023.

                  Riaan Vermeulen, Kamoa Copper’s incoming Managing Director (middle-left) and Mark Farren, Kamoa Copper’s CEO (middle-right), with members of Zijin Mining’s senior management team during a recent Zijin site visit.

                  Members of Kamoa-Kakula’s diverse, multi-national team that has delivered the first two phases ahead of schedule, inside one of the new Phase 2 ball mills.

                  Excellent progress is being made on the excavation of Kamoa-Kakula’s new box cut that will provide access to the Kamoa 1 and Kamoa 2 mines, part of the project’s Phase 3 expansion.

                  Kamoa-Kakula smelter basic engineering underway

                  Early works on the planned direct-to-blister flash smelter at Kamoa-Kakula adjacent to the Phase 1 and Phase 2 concentrator plants is underway. The smelter is designed to use technology supplied by Outotec Oyj of Helsinki, Finland, and has been sized to process the bulk of the copper concentrate forecast to be produced by the Phase 1, 2 and 3 concentrator plants, with a production capacity of 500,000 tonnes per annum of blister copper.

                  China Nerin Engineering Company Co., Ltd. has been appointed to carry out the basic engineering design and develop a control budget estimate for the smelter; work is progressing well.

                  Ore stockpiles now hold more than 4.6 million tonnes grading 4.58% copper, containing more than 212,000 tonnes of copper at the end of February 2022

                  Kamoa-Kakula’s total high- and medium-grade ore surface stockpiles totalled approximately 4.65 million tonnes at an estimated grade of 4.58% copper as of the end of February 2022. The operation mined 1.70 million tonnes of ore grading 5.44% copper in Q4 2021, which was comprised of 1.52 million tonnes grading 5.60% copper from the Kakula Mine, including 0.81 million tonnes grading 6.68% copper from the mine’s high-grade centre, and 0.18 million tonnes grading 4.05% copper from the Kansoko Mine.

                  Kamoa-Kakula’s Phase 1 and Phase 2 concentrator plants and the ore stockpiles at the Kakula Mine’s northern decline. The direct-to-blister flash smelter is being constructed adjacent to the Phase 1 and Phase 2 concentrator plants.

                  Kamoa-Kakula delivering Phase 1 blister copper and copper concentrate under off-take agreements

                  Kamoa Copper’s off-take agreements are with CITIC Metal (HK) Limited (CITIC Metal) and Gold Mountains (H.K.) International Mining Company Limited, a subsidiary of Zijin, for 50% each of the copper products from Kamoa-Kakula’s Phase 1 production. The off-take agreements are evergreen for the production volumes from Phase 1, including copper concentrate and blister copper resulting from processing of copper concentrates at the nearby Lualaba Copper Smelter.

                  CITIC Metal and Zijin are purchasing the copper concentrate at the Kakula Mine and the blister copper at the Lualaba Copper Smelter on a free-carrier basis, meaning the buyers are responsible for arranging freight and shipment to the final destination, initially via the port of Durban, South Africa.

                  Kamoa-Kakula delivered its first bulk copper concentrates to the Lualaba Copper Smelter on June 1, 2021. The smelter is expected to treat up to 150,000 wet metric tonnes of copper concentrates from Kamoa-Kakula annually. Kamoa-Kakula began exporting its copper concentrate internationally in July 2021. The first truckloads of copper concentrate destined for smelters outside of the DRC departed from the mine site on July 17, 2021.

                  Mwadingusha hydropower plant fully operational and providing 78 MW of clean electricity for Kamoa-Kakula’s phases 1 and 2; focus now shifted to upgrading turbine 5 at the Inga II hydropower plant to provide power for expansions

                  All six new turbines at the Mwadingusha hydropower plant were synchronized to the national electrical grid in August 2021, with each generating unit producing approximately 13 megawatts (MW) of power, for a combined output of approximately 78 MW.

                  In August 2021, Kamoa-Kakula’s energy company signed an extension of the existing financing agreement with La Société Nationale d’Electricité (SNEL) to upgrade turbine 5 at the Inga II hydropower complex. Since June 2021, rehabilitation scoping works and technical visits have been conducted by Stucky Ltd. of Renens, Switzerland, and Voith Hydro of Heidenheim, Germany, a leading engineering group. Voith Hydro, the contractor for upgrading turbine 5, has successfully rehabilitated two turbine generators at the adjoining Inga I hydropower plant, a project that was financed by the World Bank.

                  Turbine 5 is expected to produce 162 MW of renewable hydropower, providing the Kamoa-Kakula Copper Complex and the planned, associated smelter with abundant, sustainable electricity for future expansions.

                  Kamoa-Kakula aiming to be first net-zero carbon emitter among top-tier copper mines by electrifying mining fleet with state-of-the-art equipment powered by electric batteries or hydrogen fuel cells

                  In May 2021, Ivanhoe Mines announced its pledge to achieve net-zero operational greenhouse gas emissions (Scope 1 and 2) at the industry-leading Kamoa-Kakula Copper Mine.

                  In support of the Paris Agreement on climate change, and in the spirit of the commitments at the April 2021 Leaders Summit on Climate by the Chinese and American governments to sharply cut emissions, Ivanhoe Mines has committed to working with its joint-venture partners and leading underground mining equipment manufacturers to ensure that Kamoa-Kakula becomes the first net-zero operational carbon emitter among the world’s top-tier copper producers.

                  Since the Kamoa-Kakula mines and concentrator plants are powered by clean, renewable hydro-generated electricity, the focus of the company’s net-zero commitment will be on electrifying the project’s mining fleet with new, state-of-the-art equipment powered by electric batteries or hydrogen fuel cells.

                  Kamoa-Kakula is working closely with its mining equipment suppliers to decrease the use of fossil fuels in its mining fleet, and evaluate the viability, safety and performance of new electric, hydrogen and hybrid technologies. The mine plans to introduce them into its mining fleet as soon as they become commercially available.

                  Empowering local communities through sustainable development

                  Ivanhoe Mines founded the Sustainable Livelihoods Program in 2010 to strengthen food security and farming capacity in the host communities near Kamoa-Kakula by establishing an agricultural demonstration garden to support local farmers.

                  Today, approximately 900 community farmers are benefiting from the Sustainable Livelihoods Program, producing high-quality food for their families and selling the surplus for additional income. The Sustainable Livelihoods Program, which commenced with maize and other vegetable production, now includes fruit, aquaculture, poultry and honey.

                  Farmer Omba Gertrude Muwana (left) and Benoit Mujinga, Kamoa Copper’s Sustainability Agronomist, at one of the community gardens and fish-farming operations near Kamoa-Kakula.

                  Construction of 100 new fishponds is complete, bringing the total number of fishponds to 138. The project will significantly contribute toward local entrepreneurship and enhanced regional food security. A group of community participants took part in, and graduated as facilitators for, an adult literacy training program.

                  Newly constructed fish ponds near Kamoa-Kakula.

                  Additional non-farming-related activities continued during Q4 2021 and include education programs, enterprise and supplier development programs, and the supply of fresh water to a number of local communities using solar-powered boreholes. The planned community borehole project was completed, with all 35 boreholes drilled using local contractors, providing approximately 12,000 community members with easy access to clean water.

                  Construction, landscaping and equipping of the Kaponda Primary School was completed, thereby achieving another milestone in the ambition to advance the objectives set out in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Local community enterprise programs continued including brick-making and sewing, which are planned for project expansion in 2022, as well as landscaping and gardening, which may be reviewed for business efficiency and continued growth.

                  Construction of resettlement houses for the relocation program is continuing as planned. To date, 129 homes have been relocated, with five households remaining. The remaining families are scheduled for relocation upon completion of the construction of their new homes. Construction of the community church at Kaponda was completed and the new church was officially handed over to the community. The livelihood restoration program focused on the distribution of 758 chickens for all project-affected people, as well as three goats each to all 45 beneficiaries. Additional livelihood restoration efforts included planting of 3,600 orange seedlings to cover nine hectares, 1,000 grafted avocados across 10 hectares and approximately 54 hectares of cassava.


                  The Kamoa-Kakula joint venture produced a total of 105,884 tonnes of copper in concentrate for the year ending December 31, 2021. The figures are on a 100%-project basis and metal reported in concentrate is prior to refining losses or deductions associated with smelter terms.

                  Guidance for 2022 is based on a number of assumptions and estimates as of December 31, 2021, including among other things, assumptions about the timing of the Phase 2 expansion and anticipated costs and expenditures. Production and cost guidance assumes the Phase 2 concentrator plant will commence copper production in Q2 2022 and that ramp-up will be in line with what was achieved with Phase 1. Guidance involves estimates of known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors which may cause the actual results to be materially different.

                  Kamoa-Kakula 2022 Guidance 
                  Contained copper in concentrate (tonnes)290,000 to 340,000
                  Cash cost (C1) ($ per pound)1.20 to 1.40

                  Cash costs (C1) per pound of payable copper was $1.37/lb for Q3 2021 and was $1.28/lb for Q4 2021, reflecting the measured ramp-up of production at Kamoa-Kakula to steady state, and is expected to trend downward as the Phase 2 concentrator plant is commissioned and the mine’s fixed operating costs are spread over increased copper production.

                  C1 cash cost is a non-GAAP measure used by management to evaluate operating performance and includes all direct mining, processing, and general and administrative costs. Smelter charges and freight deductions on sales to final port of destination (typically China), which are recognized as a component of sales revenues, are added to C1 cash cost to arrive at an approximate cost of delivered finished metal.

                  Cost of sales per pound of payable copper sold for Q4 2021 was $1.12/lb. For historical comparatives, see the Non-GAAP Financial Performance Measures section of this news release.

                  2. Platreef Project
                  64%-owned by Ivanhoe Mines
                  South Africa

                  The Platreef Project is owned by Ivanplats (Pty) Ltd (Ivanplats), which is 64%-owned by Ivanhoe Mines. A 26% interest is held by Ivanplats’ historically-disadvantaged, broad-based, black economic empowerment (B-BBEE) partners, which include 20 local host communities with approximately 150,000 people, project employees and local entrepreneurs. Ivanplats reached Level 4 contributor status in its most recent verification assessment on the B-BBEE scorecard. A Japanese consortium of ITOCHU Corporation, Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corporation, and Japan Gas Corporation, owns a 10% interest in Ivanplats, which it acquired in two tranches for a total investment of $290 million.

                  The Platreef Project hosts an underground deposit of thick, platinum-group metals, nickel, copper and gold mineralization on the Northern Limb of the Bushveld Igneous Complex in Limpopo Province – approximately 280 kilometres northeast of Johannesburg and eight kilometres from the town of Mokopane.

                  On the Northern Limb, platinum-group metals mineralization primarily is hosted within the Platreef, a mineralized sequence that is traced more than 30 kilometres along strike. Ivanhoe’s Platreef Project, within the Platreef’s southern sector, is comprised of two contiguous properties: Turfspruit and Macalacaskop. Turfspruit, the northernmost property, is contiguous with, and along strike from, Anglo Platinum’s Mogalakwena group of mining operations and properties.

                  Since 2007, Ivanhoe has focused its exploration and development activities on defining and advancing the down-dip extension of its original discovery at Platreef, now known as the Flatreef Deposit, which is amenable to highly-mechanized, underground mining methods. The Flatreef area lies entirely on the Turfspruit and Macalacaskop properties that form part of the company’s mining right.

                  Health and safety at Platreef

                  As at the end of December 2021, the Platreef Project reached a total of 677,450 lost-time, injury-free hours worked.

                  Kgalalelo Tladi, Chief Safety Officer, conducting a safety inspection of the Shaft 1 underground equipping stage.

                  COVID-19 protocols are continuously reviewed and optimized; as a result, the company implemented several measures to prevent and mitigate the escalation of infections. Those measures included the mass testing of employees and visitors, provision of transport to employees and a vaccination rollout.

                  By the end of December 2021, a total of 6,516 COVID-19 tests had been conducted. In support of the National Department of Health’s national vaccine rollout strategy, Ivanplats launched an on-site COVID-19 vaccination campaign that has administered 470 vaccine doses to date. Approximately 70% of the Platreef Project’s employees and contractors working on site have at minimum received their first dose of the vaccine.

                  Outstanding results of new Platreef feasibility study

                  On February 28, 2022, Ivanhoe Mines announced the results of a new independent feasibility study for the Platreef Project (Platreef 2022 FS). The Platreef 2022 FS builds on the excellent results of the preliminary economic assessment (PEA) for an alternate scenario to expedite production, announced in November 2020, alongside the 2020 feasibility study.

                  The Platreef 2022 FS is based on a steady-state production rate of 5.2 Mtpa, as well as an accelerated ramp up to steady state through the earlier development of Shaft 2. The Platreef 2022 FS is based on the detailed design and engineering scenario first presented in the 2020 PEA, confirming the viability of a new phased-development pathway to fast-track Platreef into production by Q3 2024.

                  Highlights of the Platreef 2022 FS include:

                  • The Platreef 2022 FS evaluates the phased development of Platreef, with an initial 700-ktpa underground mine and a 770-ktpa capacity concentrator, targeting high-grade mining areas close to Shaft 1, with an initial capital cost of $488 million.
                  • First concentrate production for Phase 1 is planned for Q3 2024, with the Phase 2 expansion based on the commissioning of Shaft 2 in 2027, followed by the commissioning of two 2.2-Mtpa concentrators in 2028 and 2029. This would increase the steady-state production to 5.2 Mtpa by using Shaft 2 as the primary production shaft.
                  • Expansion capital cost for Phase 2 is estimated at $1.5 billion, which may be partially funded by cash flows from Phase 1 and a project financing package.
                  • Ivanplats’ dedicated engineering teams and leading consultants are evaluating optimizations to the sinking methodology for Shaft 2 to further accelerate the availability of the shaft for hoisting, which may accelerate the overall development timeline.
                  • Phase 1 average annual production of 113,000 ounces (oz.) of palladium, rhodium, platinum and gold (3PE+Au), plus 5 million pounds of nickel and 3 million pounds of copper.
                  • Phase 2 average annual production of 591,000 oz. of 3PE+Au, plus 26 million pounds of nickel and 16 million pounds of copper, which would rank Platreef as the fifth largest primary PGM producer on a palladium equivalent basis.
                  • Life-of-mine cash cost of $514 per ounce of 3PE+Au, net of by-products, and including sustaining capital costs, would rank Platreef as the industry’s lowest cost primary PGM producer.
                  • After-tax net present value at an 8% discount rate (NPV8%) of $1.7 billion and an internal rate of return (IRR) of 18.5%, based on long-term consensus prices.
                  • The sensitivity analysis at current metal prices of approximately $1,121/oz platinum, $2,979/oz palladium, $22,200/oz rhodium, $1,995/oz gold, $4.84/lb copper and $13.12/lb nickel (March 7, 2022), results in an after-tax NPV8% of $5.1 billion with an after-tax real IRR of 33%.

                  Figure 1: Production and timeline schematic of Platreef 2022 feasibility study.

                  Figure 2: World’s largest precious metal deposits under development ranked by contained metal in Measured and Indicated Resources.

                  Source: Company filings, S&P Global Market Intelligence. Notes: Chart ranks the largest undeveloped primary palladium, platinum, gold, silver and rhodium projects from the S&P Global Market Intelligence database based on measured and indicated palladium equivalent resource. Palladium equivalent calculation includes palladium, platinum, gold, silver and rhodium ounces and has been calculated using spot price metal price assumptions (February 23, 2022) of $1,095/oz platinum, $2,480/oz palladium, $18,750/oz rhodium, $1,909/oz gold and $24.55/oz silver. Measured and Indicated resources for Platreef correspond to palladium, platinum, gold and rhodium ounces at a 1 g/t cut-off grade.

                  Platreef secures $200 million gold stream financing and additional $100 million palladium and platinum stream

                  In December 2021, Ivanplats entered into a gold, palladium and platinum stream financing with Orion Mine Finance, a leading international provider of customized financing to mining companies, and Nomad Royalty Company, a precious metals royalty company, in which Orion Mine Finance is a significant shareholder (Orion Mine Finance and Nomad Royalty Company, together, the Stream Purchasers). This transaction will fund a large portion of the Phase 1 capital costs, with first concentrate production for Phase 1 planned for Q3 2024.

                  The stream facilities are a prepaid forward sale of refined metals, with prepayments totalling $300 million, available in two tranches with the first prepayment of $75 million received in December 2021 following the closing of the transaction, and $225 million to be paid upon satisfaction of certain conditions precedent.

                  Under the terms of the $200 million gold stream agreement, the Stream Purchasers will receive an aggregate total of 80% of contained gold in concentrate until 350,000 ounces have been delivered, after which the stream will be reduced to 64% of contained gold in concentrate for the remaining life of the facility. The expected life of this facility will extend from the effective date of the stream agreement until the date when 685,280 ounces of gold have been delivered to the Stream Purchasers. The Stream Purchasers will purchase each ounce of gold at a price equal to the lower of the market price of gold or $100 per ounce.

                  Under the terms of the $100 million palladium and platinum stream agreement, Orion Mine Finance will receive an aggregate total of 4.2% of contained palladium and platinum in concentrate until 350,000 ounces have been delivered, after which the stream will be reduced to 2.4% for the remaining life of the facility. The expected life of this facility will extend from the effective date of the stream agreement until the date when 485,115 ounces of palladium and platinum have been delivered to the purchaser, which will pay for each ounce at a price equal to 30% of the market price of palladium and platinum.

                  Members of the Orion Mine Finance and Nomad Royalty teams, with members of Platreef’s mine development team, on the top platform of Platreef’s Shaft 1 headgear.

                  Conclusion of the stream agreements allows Ivanplats to focus efforts on finalizing the senior debt facility

                  Société Générale and Nedbank were appointed as mandated lead arrangers for the project debt facility in early 2021. Both the gold stream facility, and palladium and platinum stream facility, will be subordinated to any senior secured financing.

                  The senior debt facility is anticipated to be used only after the stream facilities are fully drawn. Ivanplats remains flexible to raise additional debt or equity at a later date, and has pre-agreed with the Stream Purchasers the inter-creditor arrangements for any future senior debt. While the stream facilities are guaranteed by Ivanplats and secured over the assets and Ivanhoe’s shares of Platreef, there is no recourse to Ivanhoe Mines.

                  Shaft 1 changeover to a production shaft nearing completion

                  The construction of the 996-metre-level station at the bottom of Shaft 1 was completed in July 2020. Shaft 1 initially will be used to access the orebody and is approximately 450 metres away from a high-grade area of Flatreef that is planned for bulk, mechanized mining. The three development stations that will provide initial, underground access to the high-grade orebody also have been completed on the 750-, 850- and 950-metre levels.

                  The auxiliary winder has been installed and commissioned. The headgear, both winders, equipping stage, conveyances and control systems comply with the highest current industry safety standards, with proven and tested safety and redundancy systems in place.

                  The changeover construction at Shaft 1 is progressing to plan and is on schedule to soon commence rock hoisting. All equipment for the shaft changeover has been procured and is on site. The changeover work within the shaft is being performed by Platreef’s experienced owners’ team.

                  Construction activities at the Platreef Project site, including Shaft 1 on the left, and the hitch-to-collar advancement for Shaft 2 on the right.

                  The winder that was used to successfully sink Shaft 1 has been converted to function as the main equipping conveyance during the shaft changeover, and will serve as the permanent rock, personnel and material winder following the shaft-equipping phase. The shaft will be equipped with two cages on top of two 12.5-tonne skips with hoisting capacity of 1 million tonnes per year, resulting from an amended configuration that does not require the cage to be interchanged mid-shift, thereby increasing the hoisting time during the initial phase of mining.

                  Shaft equipping commenced in May 2021 and remains on track to be completed by the end of March 2022. Following the completion of the changeover work in the shaft, underground stations, and establishment of the ore and waste passes, lateral underground mine development will commence toward high-grade ore zones.

                  Key electric underground mining equipment orders placed

                  Ivanplats placed an initial order with Epiroc of Stockholm, Sweden, for its primary mining fleet consisting of emissions-free, battery electric jumbo face drill rigs and load haul dump (LHD) vehicles, due for delivery in the next few months. The mine development contract was successfully concluded with Murray & Roberts Cementation, with site on-boarding well advanced, and the first blast on the 950-metre level anticipated in April 2022.

                  Shaft 2 headgear construction from hitch to collar well underway

                  Early works surface construction for Shaft 2 began in 2017, including the excavation of a surface box-cut to a depth of approximately 29 metres below surface and construction of the concrete hitch for the 103-metre-tall concrete headgear (headframe), which will house the shaft’s permanent hoisting facilities and support the shaft collar.

                  The Shaft 2 headframe construction, from the hitch to the collar level, is progressing well with the sixth and seventh headgear lifts completed and the eighth and final lift well advanced. Construction of the eight civil lifts, including a ventilation plenum and personnel access tunnel, is targeted for completion in May 2022.

                  Long-term supply of bulk water for the Platreef Mine

                  The water requirement for the Phase 1 operation is projected to peak at approximately three million litres per day, which will then increase to nine million litres per day once the Phase 2 expansion is complete. On January 17, 2022, Ivanhoe announced the signing of new agreements for the rights to receive local, treated water to supply the bulk water needed for the phased development plan at Platreef. These agreements replace those originally signed in 2018.

                  Under the terms of a new offtake agreement, the Mogalakwena Local Municipality (MLM) has agreed to supply at least three million litres per day of treated effluent, up to a maximum of 10 million litres per day for 32 years, from the date of first production, sourced from the town of Mokopane’s Masodi Waste Water Treatment Works, currently under construction.

                  Ivanplats also has signed a sponsorship agreement where Ivanplats has undertaken the commitment to complete the partially constructed Masodi Waste Water Treatment Works, which was halted in 2018. Ivanplats anticipates spending approximately ZAR 215 million ($14 million) to complete the works, whereby Ivanplats’ financial contribution will take the form of a sponsorship in favour of the municipality. Ivanplats will purchase the treated water at a reduced rate of ZAR 5 per thousand litres. Arrangements are underway to re-commence the construction works in Q3 2022, which are scheduled to take approximately 18 months.

                  Development of human resources and job skills

                  Implementation of the Platreef Project’s second Social and Labour Plan (SLP) is underway, through which Ivanplats plans to build on the first SLP and continue with its training and development suite, including 15 new mentors, internal skills training for 78 staff members, a legends program to prepare retiring employees with new/other skills, community adult education training for host community members, core technical skills training for at least 100 community members, portable skills training, and more.

                  The Platreef Project also continues to support several educational programs and the provision of free Wi-Fi in host communities. Community climate awareness was promoted through the implementation of a youth climate change action and tree-planting campaign at a local school.

                  Equipping of the mine’s permanent training academy is continuing, with the official launch being planned for later this year. Classrooms and offices at the training academy have been installed and the training and e-learning program has been instituted. A cadetship program, providing learnership opportunities to 49 local students was launched, offering a national certificate in health and safety, as well as mining competencies, such as utility vehicle operations from the Murray & Roberts Training Academy. The cadetship program seeks to enhance gender diversity, with 54% of the students being female.

                  Local economic development projects will contribute to community water-source development through the Mogalakwena Municipality boreholes program. Other projects, which will be conducted in partnership with other parties, include the refurbishment and equipping of a health clinic in Tshamahansi Village. In recognition of World Aids Day, a community health intervention to promote awareness and support, was implemented at the Tshamahansi clinic.

                  The enterprise and supplier development commitments comprise of expanding the existing kiosk and laundry facilities and adding expanded change house facilities to be managed by a community partner in the future. A five-year integrated business accelerator and funding project assists community members to obtain help with development and supplier readiness.

                  Spot price of palladium (US$/oz) over the past 12 months.

                  Spot price of rhodium (US$/oz) over the past 12 months.

                  Spot price of nickel (US$/lb) over the past 12 months.

                  Spot price of platinum (US$/oz) over the past 12 months.

                  Spot price of gold (US$/oz) over the past 12 months.

                  3. Kipushi Project
                  68%-owned by Ivanhoe Mines
                  Democratic Republic of Congo

                  The Kipushi copper-zinc-germanium-silver-lead mine in the DRC is adjacent to the town of Kipushi and approximately 30 kilometres southwest of Lubumbashi. It is located on the Central African Copperbelt, approximately 250 kilometres southeast of the Kamoa-Kakula Mining Complex and less than one kilometre from the Zambian border.

                  Ivanhoe acquired its 68% interest in the Kipushi Project in November 2011, through Kipushi Holding that is 100%-owned by Ivanhoe Mines. The balance of 32% in the Kipushi Project is held by the state-owned mining company, Gécamines.

                  Kipushi Holding and Gécamines have signed a new agreement to return the ultra-high-grade Kipushi Mine back to commercial production. Kipushi will be the world’s highest-grade major zinc mine, with an average grade of 36.4% zinc over the first five years of production.

                  (L-R) Olivier Binyingo (Ivanhoe Mines Vice President, Public Affairs DRC), Marna Cloete (Ivanhoe Mines President), Alphonse Kaputo Kalubi (Chairman of Gécamines), and Louis Watum (General Manager, Kipushi Corporation) discussing the Kipushi partnership during a recent visit to the Kamoa-Kakula mining complex.

                  The new agreement sets out the commercial terms that will form the basis of a new Kipushi joint-venture agreement, establishing a robust framework for the mutually beneficial operation of the Kipushi Mine for years to come, and is subject to execution of definitive documentation.

                  Highlights of the new agreement include:

                  • Kipushi Holding will transfer 6% of the share capital and voting rights in the Kipushi Project to Gécamines, after which Kipushi Holding and Gécamines will hold 62% and 38%, respectively.
                  • From January 25, 2027, 5% of the share capital and voting rights in the Kipushi Project shall be transferred from Kipushi Holding to Gécamines, after which Kipushi Holding and Gécamines will hold 57% and 43%, respectively.
                  • In the event that, after the 6% and 5% transfers, part of the Kipushi Project’s share capital is required to be transferred to the State or to any third party pursuant to an applicable legal or regulatory provision, Gécamines shall transfer the number of the Kipushi Project shares required, and Kipushi Holding shall retain 57% ownership in the Kipushi Project.
                  • Once a minimum of the current proven and probable reserves and up to 12 million tonnes has been mined and processed, an additional 37% of the share capital and voting rights in the Kipushi Project shall be transferred from Kipushi Holding to Gécamines, after which Kipushi Holding and Gécamines will hold 20% and 80%, respectively.
                  • A new supervisory board and executive committee will be established with appropriate shareholder representation.
                  • New initiatives will be implemented, focusing on the development of Congolese employees, including individual development, the identification of future leaders, succession planning and the promotion of gender equality across the workforce.
                  • A framework for tendering for the offtake of zinc concentrates produced by the Kipushi Mine has been established, which includes Gécamines’ participation.
                  • Kipushi Holding will continue to fund the Kipushi Project with the shareholder loan and/or procure financing from third parties for the development of the project. The interest on the shareholder loan will be 6%, which will be applicable from January 1, 2022, on the existing balance and any further advances. Under the terms of the current shareholder loan agreement, the shareholder loan carries interest of LIBOR plus 4%, which is applicable to 80% of the advanced amounts with the remaining 20% interest-free. As of December 31, 2021, the balance of the shareholder loan owing to Kipushi Holding, including accrued interest, was approximately $528 million.

                  Health and safety at Kipushi

                  At the end of December 2021, the Kipushi Project reached a total of 3,983,319 work hours free of lost-time injuries. It has been more than two and a half years since the last lost-time injury occurred at the project. 

                  Since temporarily suspending mine development operations due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the project maintained a reduced workforce to safely and cost-effectively maintain infrastructure and pumping systems and to execute planned projects.

                  The Kipushi Project has built a new potable water station to provide a free daily supply of water to the municipality of Kipushi. This daily supply to the Kipushi municipality community members includes power supply, disinfectant chemicals, routine maintenance, security and emergency repair of leaks to the primary reticulation to the benefit of an estimated 100,000 people, excluding those from rural areas. Approximately 1,000 cubic metres of potable water is pumped hourly and continuously to consumers on a daily basis.

                  50 boreholes of potable water are planned to be drilled around the Kipushi district over five years, to reach areas not served by current distribution. To date, 12 solar-powered potable water wells have been drilled and currently are operating throughout the district.

                  The Kipushi Project continues to support educational initiatives through renovations at the Mungoti School, and the granting of bursaries and scholarships to students from Kipushi. Over the past year, approximately 100 students have been supported through the bursary program. The sewing training centre project established by the Kipushi Project continued producing cloth face masks, donating approximately 2,000 masks a month to host communities. The Kipushi Project also is broadcasting daily COVID-19 awareness messages on a local community radio station, as well as through a motorized caravan.

                  The pilot of the Sustainable Livelihoods Program, which commenced in 2020 with a poultry farming initiative established for the benefit of a consortium of local women, continued successfully, with plans for expansion around the Kipushi district in 2022. An annual tree-planting initiative was implemented to raise awareness and make a positive impact in respect of climate change mitigation.

                  Kipushi feasibility study issued, heralding the planned re-start of the historic mine, with a two-year development timeline and exceptional economic results

                  On February 14, 2022, Ivanhoe Mines announced the positive findings of an independent, feasibility study for the planned resumption of commercial production at Kipushi.

                  The Kipushi 2022 feasibility study builds on the results of the pre-feasibility study published by Ivanhoe Mines in January 2018. The redevelopment of Kipushi is based on a two-year construction timeline, which utilizes the significant existing surface and underground infrastructure to allow for substantially lower capital costs than comparable development projects. The estimated pre-production capital cost, including contingency, is $382 million.

                  The 2022 feasibility study focuses on the mining of Kipushi’s zinc-rich Big Zinc and Southern Zinc zones, with an estimated 11.8 million tonnes of Measured and Indicated Mineral Resources grading 35.3% zinc. Kipushi’s exceptional zinc grade is more than twice that of the world’s next-highest-grade zinc project, according to Wood Mackenzie, a leading, international industry research and consulting group (see Figure 3).

                  Figure 3: World’s top 10 zinc projects, by contained zinc.

                  Source: Wood Mackenzie, January 2022. Note: All tonnes and metal grades of individual metals used in the equivalency calculation of the above-mentioned projects (except for Kipushi) are based on public disclosure and have been compiled by Wood Mackenzie. All metal grades have been converted by Wood Mackenzie to a zinc equivalent grade at Wood Mackenzie’s respective long-term price assumptions.

                  The 2022 feasibility study envisages the recommencement of underground mining operations, and the construction of a new concentrator facility on surface with annual processing capacity of 800,000 tonnes of ore, producing on average 240,000 tonnes of zinc contained in concentrate.

                  Highlights of the 2022 feasibility study results for the Kipushi Mine include:

                  • The 2022 feasibility study evaluates the development of an 800-ktpa underground mine and concentrator, with an increased resource base compared to the pre-feasibility study, extending the mine life to 14 years.
                  • Existing surface and underground infrastructure allows for significantly lower capital costs than comparable development projects, with the principal development activity being the construction of a conventional concentrator facility and new supporting infrastructure on surface in a two-year timeline.
                  • Pre-production capital costs, including contingency, estimated at $382 million.
                  • Life-of-mine average zinc production of 240,000 tonnes per annum, with a zinc grade of 32%, is expected to rank Kipushi among the world’s major zinc mines (Figure 3), once in production, with the highest grade by some margin.
                  • Life-of-mine average C1 cash cost of $0.65/lb of zinc is expected to rank Kipushi, once in production, in the second quartile of the cash cost curve for zinc producers globally.
                  • At a long-term zinc price of $1.20/lb, the after-tax net present value (NPV) at an 8% real discount rate is $941 million, with an after-tax real internal rate of return (IRR) of 40.9% and project payback period of 2.3 years.
                  • The sensitivity analysis at current zinc prices of approximately $1.84/lb (March 7, 2022), results in an after-tax NPV8% of $3.0 billion with an after-tax real IRR of 86%.

                  The Kipushi 2022 feasibility study was independently prepared on a 100%-project basis by OreWin Pty. Ltd., MSA Group (Pty.) Ltd., SRK Consulting (Pty) Ltd. and METC Engineering.

                  Project development and infrastructure

                  Although development and rehabilitation activities in 2021, as well as in 2020, were limited, significant progress has been made in recent years to modernize the Kipushi Mine’s underground infrastructure as part of preparations for the mine to resume commercial production, including upgrading a series of vertical mine shafts to various depths, with associated headframes, as well as underground mine excavations and infrastructure.

                  A series of crosscuts and ventilation infrastructure still is in working condition and has been cleared of old materials and equipment to facilitate modern, mechanized mining. The underground infrastructure also includes a series of high-capacity pumps to manage the mine’s water levels, which now are easily maintained at the bottom of the mine.

                  Shaft 5 is eight metres in diameter and 1,240 metres deep and has been upgraded and re-commissioned. The main personnel and material winder has been upgraded and modernized to meet international industry standards and safety criteria. The Shaft 5 rock-hoisting winder also is fully operational, with new rock skips, new head- and tail-ropes, and attachments installed. The two newly manufactured rock conveyances (skips) and the supporting frames (bridles) have been installed in the shaft to facilitate the hoisting of rock from the main ore and waste storage silos feeding rock on the 1,200-metre level.

                  Since temporarily suspending mine development operations, priority engineering tasks still continued, including new winder installations as a second means of egress on the cascade side, and repairs, as well as replacement of main critical pump columns in Shaft 5 to ensure reliable and continued pumping of water from the mine.

                  Patrick Mwanza Wa Kabongo operating the modern, new hoist at Kipushi’s main production shaft (Shaft 5).

                  Spot price of zinc (US$/lb) over the past 12 months.

                  Recently upgraded underground mine with easy access to stopes allows for rapid production ramp-up

                  Mining at Kipushi historically has been carried out from the surface to a depth of approximately 1,220 metres. Shaft 5 (P5) is planned to be the main production shaft with a maximum hoisting capacity of 1.8 Mtpa and provides the primary access to the lower levels of the mine, including the Big Zinc Zone, through the 1,150-metre haulage level.

                  Mining will be performed using highly productive, mechanized methods and cemented rock fill will be utilized to fill open stopes. Material generated underground will be trucked to the base of the P5 shaft, crushed and hoisted to surface. Personnel and equipment access also are via the P5 shaft. The Big Zinc Zone will be accessed via the existing decline, without significant new development required. As the existing decline already is below the first planned stoping level, it is relatively quick to develop the first zinc stopes for the ramp up of mine production.

                  Figure 4: Schematic section of Kipushi Mine. Shaft 5 (P5) is planned to be the main production shaft with a maximum hoisting capacity of 1.8 Mtpa.

                  4. Western Foreland Exploration Project
                  90%- and 100%-owned by Ivanhoe Mines
                  Democratic Republic of Congo

                  Ivanhoe’s DRC exploration group is targeting Kamoa-Kakula-style copper mineralization through a regional exploration and drilling program on its Western Foreland exploration licences, located to the north, south and west of the Kamoa-Kakula Mining Complex. Ivanhoe’s Western Foreland Exploration Project consists of 17 licences that cover a combined area of approximately 2,550 square kilometres.

                  Exploration models that successfully led to the discoveries of Kakula, Kakula West, and the Kamoa North Bonanza Zone on the Kamoa-Kakula joint-venture mining licence are being applied to the extensive Western Foreland land package by the same team of exploration geologists responsible for the previous discoveries.

                  Exploration drilling in Q4 2021 was focused on wide-scale regional dip sections along the axis of the Western Foreland permits at approximately 10km intervals. The drilling was designed to provide detailed stratigraphic and structural information ahead of processing and interpreting the geophysical surveys. The drill holes currently are being surveyed with downhole geophysical tools to provide density, conductivity and velocity information.

                  Surface soil and stream-sediment sampling focused on the southwest permits. 18 stream samples and 462 soil samples were collected during Q4 2021. The mapping of the southwest permits continued, with interpretation ongoing. 

                  Construction of the access spine road across the western permits now has reached a total length of 69 kilometres. Container-based bridges were installed along the entire length of the road to provide all season access to the full extent of the southwest foreland. Some additional wet season access roads were completed to allow additional drilling during the wet season.

                  Geophysical airborne surveys such as magnetics, gravity and electromagnetics recommenced in Q4 2021. This new geophysical data will enhance the target delineation program for drill testing and soil sampling, as well as provide a better understanding of the structural domains of the area. Magnetics and gravity were completed by the end of the year with the electromagnetic survey and additional gravity survey 46% completed by the end of the year. Ground gravity survey work commenced during Q4 2021 and will be used in conjunction with the airborne gravity to provide increased definition where required.

                  Ivanhoe’s 2022 Western Foreland exploration expenditure is provisionally planned at $25 million. The main component of this expenditure is exploration drilling, with more than 50,000 metres of shallow (depth of less than 150 metres), air core, reverse circulation and diamond drilling focussed on defining sub-outcrop positions and obtaining bed-rock samples under the Kalahari sand cover. In addition, up to 45,000 metres of deeper regional drilling covering the entire 2,550-square-kilometre land package also is provisionally planned, some of which is dependent upon exploration success.

                  South Africa-based New Resolution Geophysics conducting an airborne electro-magnetic survey over Ivanhoe’s Western Foreland exploration licences in February 2022. The electro-magnetic survey is the last of three geophysical surveys to be completed over the Western Foreland licences, providing geologists with ultra-high resolution data for the 2022 drilling campaign.


                  This selected financial information is in accordance with IFRS as presented in the annual consolidated financial statements. Ivanhoe had no operating revenue in any financial reporting period. All operating revenue from commercial production at the Kamoa-Kakula Mining Complex is recognized within the Kamoa Holding joint venture. Ivanhoe did not declare or pay any dividend or distribution in any financial reporting period.


                  Review of the year ended December 31, 2021 vs. December 31, 2020

                  The company recorded total comprehensive income of $17.1 million for the year ended December 31, 2021, compared to a total comprehensive loss of $45.5 million for the year ended December 31, 2020. The main contributor to the profit for 2021 was the company’s share of the profit from the Kamoa Holding joint venture.

                  The Kamoa-Kakula Mining Complex reached commercial production on July 1, 2021 and sold 94,655 tonnes of payable copper in 2021 realizing revenue of $831.1 million for the Kamoa Holding joint venture. The company recognized income in aggregate of $199.6 million from the joint venture in 2021, which can be summarized as follows:

                  The company’s share of profit from the Kamoa Holding joint venture was $105.7 million for the year ended December 31, 2021, compared to a loss of $26.8 million for the same period in 2020, the breakdown of which is summarized in the following table:

                  Of the $150.6 million finance costs recognized in the Kamoa Holding joint venture for 2021, $133.8 million (2020: $79.8 million) relates to shareholder loans where each shareholder is required to fund Kamoa Holding in an amount equivalent to its proportionate shareholding interest. Of the remaining finance costs, $13.5 million relates to the $300 million advance payment facility and provisional payment facility available under Kamoa-Kakula’s offtake agreements, while $3.3 million relates to the equipment financing facilities.

                  Exploration and project evaluation expenditure amounted to $52.2 million for the year ended December 31, 2021 and was $7.5 million more than for the same period in 2020 ($44.7 million). Exploration and project evaluation expenditure related to exploration at Ivanhoe’s Western Foreland exploration licences and amounts spent at the Kipushi Project which was on reduced activities and incurred limited cost of a capital nature during 2021 and 2020.

                  The main classes of expenditure at the Kipushi Project for the year ended December 31, 2021, and for the same period in 2020 are set out in the following table:

                  Finance income amounted to $102.3 million for the year ended December 31, 2021, and $80.8 million for the same period in 2020. Included in finance income is the interest earned on loans to the Kamoa Holding joint venture to fund operations that amounted to $93.9 million for 2021, and $70.4 million for 2020. Interest increased as the accumulated loan balance increased.

                  The company recognized a loss on fair valuation of the embedded derivative financial liability of $93.7 million for 2021.

                  With the completion of the stream financing facilities in December 2021, which will fund a large portion of the Platreef Project’s Phase 1 capital costs, and supported by the excellent results of the Platreef 2022 FS, it is now deemed probable that future taxable profit will be available from the Platreef Project, against which the unused tax losses and unused tax credits can be utilized. As a result, the company recognized the previously unrecognized deferred tax asset in December 2021, resulting in a deferred tax recovery (income) of $75.0 million.

                  The total comprehensive income for 2021, included an exchange loss on translation of foreign operations of $28.2 million, resulting from the weakening of the South African Rand by 9% from December 31, 2020, to December 31, 2021, compared to an exchange loss on translation of foreign operations recognized for the same period in 2020 of $6.9 million.

                  Financial position as at December 31, 2021 vs. December 31, 2020

                  The company’s total assets increased by $801.1 million, from $2,417.1 million as at December 31, 2020, to $3,218.2 million as at December 31, 2021. The main reason for the increase in total assets was the receipt of the net proceeds from the convertible senior notes that closed on March 17, 2021. The net proceeds from the convertible notes, after deducting the expenses of the offering that related to the host liability of $10.5 million, was $564.5 million.

                  Cash and cash equivalents increased by $345.4 million, from $262.8 million as at December 31, 2020, to $608.2 million as at December 31, 2021 due to the receipt of the convertible note proceeds, as well as the first draw down of the stream facilities in aggregate of $75 million. The company utilized $7.1 million of its cash resources in its operations and advanced loans of $152.7 million to the Kamoa Holding joint venture during the twelve months ended December 31, 2021.

                  The company’s total liabilities increased by $760.6 million to $841.2 million as at December 31, 2021, from $80.6 million as at December 31, 2020, with the increase mainly due to the private placement offering of $575.0 million of 2.50% convertible senior notes described in the company’s 2021 Year-End MD&A, as well as the deferred revenue recognized on the stream facility of $69.6 million after transaction costs. The deferred revenue represents the prepayment for the future sale of refined gold and palladium and platinum to be delivered by the Platreef Project in the future and will be amortized as ounces are delivered to the Stream Purchasers.

                  The net increase in property, plant and equipment amounted to $17.6 million, with additions of $52.7 million to project development and other property, plant and equipment. Of this total, $49.2 million pertained to development costs and other acquisitions of property, plant and equipment at the Platreef Project.

                  The main components of the additions to property, plant and equipment – including capitalized development costs – at the Platreef Project for the year ended December 31, 2021, and for the same period in 2020, are set out in the following table:

                  Costs incurred at the Platreef Project are deemed necessary to bring the project to commercial production and are therefore capitalized as property, plant and equipment.

                  The company’s investment in the Kamoa Holding joint venture increased by $352.3 million from $1,289.5 million as at December 31, 2020, to $1,641.8 million as at December 31, 2021. The company’s portion of the Kamoa Holding joint venture cash calls amounted to $152.7 million for the year ended December 31, 2021, while the company’s share of profit from the joint venture amounted to $105.7 million.

                  The company’s investment in the Kamoa Holding joint venture can be broken down as follows:

                  Prior to commencing commercial production in July 2021, the Kamoa Holding joint venture principally used loans advanced to it by its shareholders to advance the Kamoa-Kakula Project through investing in development costs and other property, plant and equipment. This can be evidenced by the movement in the company’s share of net assets in the Kamoa Holding joint venture which can be broken down as follows:

                  Going forward, all Phase 1 operating costs and the majority of Phase 2 and Phase 3 capital expenditures are expected to be funded from copper sales and facilities in place at Kamoa-Kakula. Cash generated in excess of operational and expansion requirements is expected to be utilized to commence shareholder loan repayments. Based on current market conditions, it is anticipated that shareholder loan repayments from Kamoa-Kakula will commence in 2022.

                  The Kamoa Holding joint venture completed the draw-down of EUR 45 million (approximately $56 million) of the equipment financing and $9 million of the down-payment facilities in late December 2020.  Additional drawdowns on the equipment financing of EUR 22.7 million were made in 2021 bringing the total amount drawn to EUR 67.2 million (approximately $76.1 million) at December 31, 2021. The equipment finance is secured only by the equipment that is being financed and has an effective interest rate of 8.96%. The down-payment facility is unsecured and has an effective interest rate of 11.58%.

                  The Kamoa Holding joint venture’s net increase in property, plant and equipment from December 31, 2020, to December 31, 2021, amounted to $684.1 million and can be further broken down as follows:


                  The following table summarizes selected financial information for the prior eight quarters. Ivanhoe had no operating revenue in any financial reporting period. All revenue from commercial production at the Kamoa-Kakula Mining Complex is recognized within the Kamoa Holding joint venture. Ivanhoe did not declare or pay any dividend or distribution in any financial reporting period.

                  Review of the three months ended December 31, 2021 vs. December 31, 2020

                  The company recorded a profit for Q4 2021 of $48.2 million compared to a loss of $10.9 million for the same period in 2020, with the company’s share of the profit from the Kamoa Holding joint venture being a key contributor to the Q4 2021 profit. The total comprehensive income for Q4 2021 was $30.4 million compared to $31.8 million for Q4 2020.

                  The Kamoa-Kakula Mining Complex sold 53,165 tonnes of payable copper in Q4 2021 realizing revenue of $488.5 million for the Kamoa Holding joint venture. The company recognized income in aggregate of $103.9 million from the joint venture in Q4 2021, which can be summarized as follows:

                  The company’s share of profit from the Kamoa Holding joint venture was $78.4 million in Q4 2021 compared to a loss of $6.2 million in Q4 2020. The following table summarizes the company’s share of profit (loss) of the joint venture for the three months ended December 31, 2021, and for the same period in 2020:

                  Of the $55.6 million finance costs recognized in the Kamoa Holding joint venture for Q4 2021, $45.7 million (Q4 2020: $21.3 million) relates to shareholder loans where each shareholder funded Kamoa Holding in an amount equivalent to its proportionate shareholding interest. Of the remaining finance costs, $8.0 million relates to the $300 million advance payment facility and the provisional payment facility available under Kamoa’s offtake agreements and $1.8 million relates to the equipment financing facilities.

                  The company recognized a loss on fair valuation of the embedded derivative financial liability of $88.5 million for Q4 2021. Finance cost increased from $1.5 million for Q4 2020 to $10.5 million for the same period in 2021, $10.2 million of which related to the interest on the convertible notes at the effective interest rate.

                  With the completion of the stream financing facilities in December 2021, which will fund a large portion of the Platreef Project’s Phase 1 capital costs, and supported by the excellent results of the Platreef 2022 FS, it is now deemed probable that future taxable profit will be available from the Platreef Project, against which the unused tax losses and unused tax credits can be utilised. As a result, the company recognized the previously unrecognized deferred tax asset in Q4 2021, resulting in a deferred tax recovery (income) of $75.0 million in the period.

                  Finance income for Q4 2021 amounted to $28.0 million and was $7.0 million more than for the same period in 2020 ($21.0 million). Included in finance income is the interest earned on loans to the Kamoa Holding joint venture to fund operations that amounted to $25.5 million for Q4 2021, and $19.7 million for the same period in 2020, and increased as the accumulated loan balance increased.

                  Exploration and project evaluation expenditure amounted to $15.8 million in Q4 2021 and $13.8 million for the same period in 2020. Exploration and project evaluation expenditure related to exploration at Ivanhoe’s Western Foreland exploration licences and amounts spent at the Kipushi Project which was on reduced activities and incurred limited cost of a capital nature during these periods. The main classes of expenditure at the Kipushi Project in Q4 2021 and Q4 2020 are set out in the following table:


                  The company had $608.2 million in cash and cash equivalents as at December 31, 2021. At this date, the company had consolidated working capital of approximately $654.8 million, compared to $308.0 million as at December 31, 2020.

                  The Platreef Project entered into a gold, palladium and platinum stream financing in December 2021 that will fund a large portion of the Phase 1 capital costs. The stream facilities are a prepaid forward sale of refined metals, with prepayments totalling $300 million, available in two tranches with the first prepayment of $75 million received in December 2021 following the closing of the transaction and $225 million to be paid upon satisfaction of certain conditions precedent.

                  The company’s main objectives for 2022 at the Platreef Project are the continued development of the project towards the completion of its first phase currently scheduled for Q3 2024, as well as the continuation of the construction of the Shaft 2 headframe to allow optionality for possibly bringing Phase 2 forward. At Kipushi, with the finalization of the feasibility study and the development plan agreed, Ivanhoe expects to proceed with the ordering of long-lead equipment and other construction activities once the revised joint venture agreement is signed and financing arrangements are in place. With first production achieved at the Kamoa-Kakula Mining Complex and construction of the Phase 2 concentrator expansion expected to be complete in April 2022, the focus at Kamoa-Kakula will be operational efficiency and de-bottlenecking the Phase 1 and 2 operations, as well as progressing the Phase 3 expansion.

                  The company has forecast to spend $168 million on further development at the Platreef Project; $80 million on development at the Kipushi Project; and $35 million on corporate overheads for 2022. Exploration activities at the Western Foreland exploration project in the DRC and other targets will continue in 2022 with an initial budget of $32 million.

                  At the Kamoa Holding joint venture, all operating costs and the majority of Phase 2 and Phase 3 capital expenditures are expected to be funded from copper sales and facilities in place at Kamoa.

                  The planned capital expenditure for 2022 can be broken down as follows:

                  Notes: (1) Amounts in the above table for the Kamoa-Kakula Mining Complex are on a 100%-project basis. (2) The amount for phase 3 and smelter early works are initial budgets only and will be augmented on completion of the updated pre-feasibility study expected in Q3 2022.

                  On March 17, 2021, the company closed a private placement offering of $575 million of 2.50% convertible senior notes maturing in 2026. The convertible senior notes are senior unsecured obligations of the company which will accrue interest payable semi-annually in arrears at a rate of 2.50% per annum and will mature on April 15, 2026, unless earlier repurchased, redeemed or converted. The notes will be convertible at the option of holders, prior to the close of business on the business day immediately preceding October 15, 2025, only under certain circumstances and during certain periods, and thereafter, at any time until the close of business on the second scheduled trading day immediately preceding the maturity date. Upon conversion, the notes may be settled, at the company’s election, in cash, common shares or a combination thereof. The carrying value of the host liability was $437.4 million and the fair value of the embedded derivative liability was $244.2 million as at December 31, 2021.

                  The company has an implied commitment in terms of spending on work programs submitted to regulatory bodies to maintain the good standing of exploration and exploitation permits at its mineral properties. The following table sets forth the company’s long-term obligations:

                  Debt in the above table represents the mortgage bond owing to Citibank and loan payable to ITC Platinum Development Limited, as described above.

                  The company is required to fund its Kamoa Holding joint venture in an amount equivalent to its proportionate shareholding interest.

                  Non-GAAP Financial Performance Measures

                  Kamoa-Kakula’s C1 cash costs and C1 cash costs per pound

                  C1 cash costs and C1 cash costs per pound are non-GAAP financial measures. These are disclosed to enable investors to better understand the performance of the Kamoa-Kakula Mining Complex in comparison to other copper producers who present results on a similar basis.

                  C1 cash costs are prepared on a basis consistent with the industry standard definitions by Wood Mackenzie cost guidelines but are not measures recognized under IFRS. In calculating the C1 cash cost, the costs are measured on the same basis as the company's share of profit from the Kamoa Holding joint venture that is contained in the financial statements. C1 cash costs are used by management to evaluate operating performance and include all direct mining, processing, and general and administrative costs. Smelter charges and freight deductions on sales to final port of destination, which are recognized as a component of sales revenues, are added to C1 cash cost to arrive at an approximate cost of finished metal. C1 cash costs and C1 cash costs per pound, exclude royalties and production taxes and non-routine charges as they are not direct production costs.

                  Reconciliation of Kamoa-Kakula’s cost of sales to C1 cash costs, including on a per pound basis:

                  All figures above are on a 100% basis.


                  EBITDA is a non-GAAP financial measure, which excludes income tax, finance costs, finance income and depreciation from net profit.

                  Ivanhoe believes that Kamoa-Kakula’s EBITDA is a valuable indicator of the Kamoa-Kakula Mining Complex’s ability to generate liquidity by producing operating cash flow to fund its working capital needs, service debt obligations, fund capital expenditures and distribute cash to its shareholders. EBITDA also is frequently used by investors and analysts for valuation purposes. EBITDA is intended to provide additional information to investors and analysts and does not have any standardized definition under IFRS and should not be considered in isolation or as a substitute for measures of performance prepared in accordance with IFRS. EBITDA excludes the impact of cash costs of financing activities and taxes, and the effects of changes in operating working capital balances, and therefore are not necessarily indicative of operating profit or cash flow from operations as determined under IFRS. Other companies may calculate EBITDA differently.

                  Reconciliation of profit and loss to EBITDA:

                  All figures above are for the Kamoa Holding joint venture on a 100% basis.

                  This news release should be read in conjunction with Ivanhoe Mines’ audited 2021 Financial Statements and Management’s Discussion and Analysis report available at www.praterbody.com and at www.sedar.com.

                  Qualified Persons and NI 43-101 Technical Reports

                  Disclosures of a scientific or technical nature regarding the revised capital expenditure and development scenarios at the Kamoa-Kakula Project in this news release have been reviewed and approved by Steve Amos, who is considered, by virtue of his education, experience and professional association, a Qualified Person under the terms of NI 43-101. Mr. Amos is not considered independent under NI 43-101 as he is the Head of the Kamoa Project. Mr. Amos has verified the technical data disclosed in this news release.

                  Other disclosures of a scientific or technical nature in this news release have been reviewed and approved by Stephen Torr, who is considered, by virtue of his education, experience and professional association, a Qualified Person under the terms of NI 43-101. Mr. Torr is not considered independent under NI 43-101 as he is the Vice President, Geosciences. Mr. Torr has verified the other technical data disclosed in this news release.

                  Ivanhoe has prepared a current, independent, NI 43-101-compliant technical report for each of the Kipushi Project and the Kamoa-Kakula Project, which are available under the company’s SEDAR profile at www.sedar.com:

                  • The Kamoa-Kakula Integrated Development Plan 2020 dated October 13, 2020, prepared by OreWin Pty Ltd., China Nerin Engineering Co., Ltd., DRA Global, Epoch Resources, Golder Associates Africa, KGHM Cuprum R&D Centre Ltd., Outotec Oyj, Paterson and Cooke, Stantec Consulting International LLC, SRK Consulting Inc., and Wood plc., covering the company’s Kamoa-Kakula Project; and
                  • The Kipushi 2022 Feasibility Study dated February 14, 2022, prepared by OreWin Pty Ltd., MSA Group (Pty) Ltd., SRK Consulting (South Africa) (Pty) Ltd, and METC Engineering, covering the company’s Kipushi Project.

                  Ivanhoe also has prepared and filed a technical report for the Platreef Project:

                  • The Platreef Integrated Development Plan 2020 dated December 6, 2020, prepared by OreWin Pty Ltd., Wood plc (formerly Amec Foster Wheeler), SRK Consulting Inc., Stantec Consulting International LLC, DRA Global, and Golder Associates Africa, covering the company’s Platreef Project.

                  A new current technical report for the Platreef Project including disclosures regarding the Platreef 2022 FS will be filed on SEDAR at www.sedar.com within the time required under NI 43-101.

                  These technical reports include relevant information regarding the effective dates and the assumptions, parameters and methods of the mineral resource estimates on the Platreef Project, the Kipushi Project and the Kamoa-Kakula Project cited in this news release, as well as information regarding data verification, exploration procedures and other matters relevant to the scientific and technical disclosure contained in this news release in respect of the Platreef Project, Kipushi Project and Kamoa-Kakula Project.

                  Information contacts

                  Bill Trenaman +1.604.331.9834

                  Matthew Keevil +1.604.558.1034

                  Website www.praterbody.com

                  Forward-looking statements

                  Forward-looking statements

                  Certain statements in this news release constitute “forward-looking statements” or “forward-looking information” within the meaning of applicable securities laws. Such statements and information involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors that may cause the actual results, performance or achievements of the company, its projects, or industry results, to be materially different from any future results, performance or achievements expressed or implied by such forward-looking statements or information. Such statements can be identified by the use of words such as “may”, “would”, “could”, “will”, “intend”, “expect”, “believe”, “plan”, “anticipate”, “estimate”, “scheduled”, “forecast”, “predict” and other similar terminology, or state that certain actions, events or results “may”, “could”, “would”, “might” or “will” be taken, occur or be achieved. These statements reflect the company’s current expectations regarding future events, performance and results and speak only as of the date of this news release.

                  Such statements include without limitation, the timing and results of: (i) statements regarding Kamoa-Kakula’s costs expected to trend downward as the Phase 2 concentrator plant is commissioned and the mine’s fixed operating costs are spread over increased copper production; (ii) statements regarding Kamoa-Kakula’s Phase 2 concentrator plant is on track to begin operations in April 2022, which will see a doubling of Kamoa-Kakula’s nameplate milling throughput to 7.6 million tonnes of ore per annum (Mtpa); (iii) statements regarding the expected increase in processing capacity resulting from the planned de-bottlenecking program and the cost thereof; (iv) statements regarding copper production from Kamoa Copper’s first two phases are projected to exceed 450,000 tonnes per year by Q2 2023; (v) statements regarding the expectation that the majority of Kamoa-Kakula’s expansion capital expenditures on Phase 2 and Phase 3 will be funded from copper sales and facilities in place at Kamoa; (vi) statements that based on current market conditions, it is anticipated that shareholder loan repayments from Kamoa-Kakula will commence in 2022; (vii) statements regarding Ivanhoe’s 2022 Western Foreland exploration expenditure is provisionally planned at $25 million and that the main component of this expenditure is exploration drilling, with more than 50,000 metres of shallow (depth of less than 150 metres), air core, reverse circulation and diamond drilling as well as up to an additional 45,000 metres of deeper regional drilling covering the entire 2,550-square-kilometre land package, some of which is dependent upon exploration success; (viii) statements regarding the planned resumption of commercial production at Kipushi based on a two-year construction timeline; (ix) statements regarding a third, significantly larger concentrator is being designed for Kamoa-Kakula and is expected to commissioned in Q4 2024 and is expected to be fed from a combination of the established mine at Kansoko Sud, together with the new mines at Kamoa 1 and Kamoa 2; (x) statements regarding an updated pre-feasibility study, including the Phase 3 expansion, is expected in Q3 2022; (xi) statements regarding relatively minor modifications to the Kamoa-Kakula Phase 1 concentrator that is expected to increase ore throughput from the current design of 475 tonnes per hour to 580 tonnes per hour; (xii) statements regarding Turbine 5 is expected to produce 162 MW of renewable hydropower, providing the Kamoa-Kakula Copper Complex and the planned, associated smelter with abundant, sustainable electricity for future expansions; xii) statements regarding Kamoa-Kakula aiming to become the first net-zero carbon emitter among the top-tier copper mines by electrifying its mining fleet with state-of-the-art equipment powered by electric batteries or hydrogen fuel cells and that the mine plans to introduce them into its mining fleet as soon as they become commercially available; (xiv) statements regarding production guidance of between 290,000 and 340,000 tonnes of contained copper in concentrate for 2022 from the Kamoa-Kakula Mining Complex; (xv) statements regarding cash cost guidance of between $1.20 to $1.40 per pound for 2022 from the Kamoa-Kakula Mining Complex; (xvi) statements regarding cost of sales per pound of payable copper sold and C1 cash costs per pound of payable copper produced expected to trend downward as the Phase 2 concentrator plant is commissioned and the mine’s fixed operating costs are spread over increased copper production; (xvii) statements regarding new independent feasibility study for the Platreef Project and statements confirming the viability of a new phased development pathway to fast-track Platreef into production by Q3 2024; (xvii) statements regarding the senior debt facility for the Platreef Project including that it is anticipated to be used only after the stream facilities are fully drawn; (xxi) statements regarding the changeover construction at Platreef Shaft 1 being on schedule for commencement of rock hoisting early in 2022; (xix) statements that Platreef’s shaft will be equipped with two cages on top of two 12.5-tonne skips with hoisting capacity of 1 million tonnes per year and that an amended configuration does not require the cage to be interchanged mid-shift, thereby increasing the hoisting time during the initial phase of mining; (xx) statements regarding Shaft equipping at Platreef being on track to be completed by the end of March 2022; (xxi) statements regarding the first blast on the 950-metre level at Platreef’s shaft 1 is anticipated in April 2022; (xxii) statements regarding Platreef’s shaft 2 eight civil lifts to be constructed, including a ventilation plenum and personnel access tunnel, is targeted for completion in May 2022; (xxiii) statements regarding the water requirement at Platreef for the Phase 1 operation is projected to peak at approximately three million litres per day, which will then increase to nine million litres per day once the Phase 2 expansion is complete; (xxiv) statements regarding Ivanplats purchasing the treated wastewater from the Masodi Treatment Works at a reduced rate of R5 per thousand litres; (xxv) statements that arrangements are underway to re-commence the construction works of the Masodi Treatment Works in Q3 2022 and that it will take approximately 18 months; (xxvi) statements regarding implementation of the Platreef Project’s second Social and Labour Plan (SLP); (xxvii) statements regarding equipping of the Platreef’s permanent training academy is continuing, with the official launch being planned for 2022; (xxviii) statements regarding the new agreement signed between Kipushi Holding and Gécamines to return the ultra-high-grade Kipushi Mine back to commercial production; (xxix) statements that Kipushi Holding will continue to fund the Kipushi Project with the shareholder loan and/or procure financing from third parties for the development of the project; (xxx) statements regarding 50 boreholes of potable water are planned to be drilled around the Kipushi district over five years, to reach areas not served by the current distribution reticulation; and (xxxi) statements regarding the main objectives for 2022, the 2022 budget and the planned capital expenditure for 2022.

                  As well, all of the results of the feasibility study for the Kakula copper mine, the Kakula-Kansoko 2020 pre-feasibility study and the updated and expanded Kamoa-Kakula Project preliminary economic assessment, the Platreef 2022 feasibility study, the Platreef 2020 preliminary economic assessment, the pre-feasibility study of the Kipushi Project, and the Kipushi 2022 feasibility study, constitute forward-looking statements or information, and include future estimates of internal rates of return, net present value, future production, estimates of cash cost, proposed mining plans and methods, mine life estimates, cash flow forecasts, metal recoveries, estimates of capital and operating costs and the size and timing of phased development of the projects.

                  Furthermore, with respect to this specific forward-looking information concerning the operation and development of the Kamoa-Kakula, Platreef and Kipushi projects, the company has based its assumptions and analysis on certain factors that are inherently uncertain. Uncertainties include: (i) the adequacy of infrastructure; (ii) geological characteristics; (iii) metallurgical characteristics of the mineralization; (iv) the ability to develop adequate processing capacity; (v) the price of copper, nickel, zinc, platinum, palladium, rhodium and gold; (vi) the availability of equipment and facilities necessary to complete development; (vii) the cost of consumables and mining and processing equipment; (viii) unforeseen technological and engineering problems; (ix) accidents or acts of sabotage or terrorism; (x) currency fluctuations; (xi) changes in regulations; (xii) the compliance by joint venture partners with terms of agreements; (xiii) the availability and productivity of skilled labour; (xiv) the regulation of the mining industry by various governmental agencies; (xv) the ability to raise sufficient capital to develop such projects; (xvi) changes in project scope or design; (xvii) recoveries, mining rates and grade; (xviii) political factors; (xviii) water inflow into the mine and its potential effect on mining operations, and (xix) the consistency and availability of electric power.

                  This news release also contains references to estimates of Mineral Resources and Mineral Reserves. The estimation of Mineral Resources is inherently uncertain and involves subjective judgments about many relevant factors. Estimates of Mineral Reserves provide more certainty but still involve similar subjective judgments. Mineral Resources that are not Mineral Reserves do not have demonstrated economic viability. The accuracy of any such estimates is a function of the quantity and quality of available data, and of the assumptions made and judgments used in engineering and geological interpretation (including estimated future production from the company’s projects, the anticipated tonnages and grades that will be mined and the estimated level of recovery that will be realized), which may prove to be unreliable and depend, to a certain extent, upon the analysis of drilling results and statistical inferences that ultimately may prove to be inaccurate. Mineral Resource or Mineral Reserve estimates may have to be re-estimated based on: (i) fluctuations in copper, nickel, zinc, platinum group elements (PGE), gold or other mineral prices; (ii) results of drilling; (iii) metallurgical testing and other studies; (iv) proposed mining operations, including dilution; (v) the evaluation of mine plans subsequent to the date of any estimates and/or changes in mine plans; (vi) the possible failure to receive required permits, approvals and licences; and (vii) changes in law or regulation.

                  Forward-looking statements and information involve significant risks and uncertainties, should not be read as guarantees of future performance or results and will not necessarily be accurate indicators of whether or not such results will be achieved. A number of factors could cause actual results to differ materially from the results discussed in the forward-looking statements or information, including, but not limited to, the factors discussed below and under “Risk Factors”, and elsewhere in this news release, as well as unexpected changes in laws, rules or regulations, or their enforcement by applicable authorities; the failure of parties to contracts with the company to perform as agreed; social or labour unrest; changes in commodity prices; and the failure of exploration programs or studies to deliver anticipated results or results that would justify and support continued exploration, studies, development or operations.

                  Although the forward-looking statements contained in this news release are based upon what management of the company believes are reasonable assumptions, the company cannot assure investors that actual results will be consistent with these forward-looking statements. These forward-looking statements are made as of the date of this news release and are expressly qualified in their entirety by this cautionary statement. Subject to applicable securities laws, the company does not assume any obligation to update or revise the forward-looking statements contained herein to reflect events or circumstances occurring after the date of this news release.

                  The company’s actual results could differ materially from those anticipated in these forward-looking statements as a result of the factors set forth below in the “Risk Factors” section in the company’s 2021 Year-End MD&A.

                  加拿大多倫多 — 艾芬豪礦業 (TSX: IVN; OTCQX: IVPAF) 今天公布其截至 2021 年 12 月 31 日 止的年度財務業績。艾芬豪礦業是一家加拿大的領先礦業公司,正在開發和擴建旗下位于南部非洲的四個主要采礦和勘查礦業項目:位于剛果民主共和國(以下簡稱"剛果(金)")的卡莫阿-卡庫拉 (Kamoa-Kakula) 銅礦,已于2021年7月開始商業化生產;位于南非的普拉特瑞夫 (Platreef) 鈀-銠-鎳-鉑-銅-金礦;同樣位于剛果(金)、久負盛名的基普什 (Kipushi) 鋅-銅-鉛-鍺礦;以及毗鄰卡莫阿-卡庫拉的西部前沿銅礦大規??辈轫椖?。除非另有指明,所有貨幣數字均以美元為單位。


                  • 相比2020年同期虧損1,090萬美元,艾芬豪礦業2021年第四季度錄得利潤4,820萬美元。第四季度的利潤主要來自艾芬豪礦業應占卡莫阿-卡庫拉銅礦合資企業 (以下簡稱“卡莫阿控股")的利潤份額以及財務收入(共計1.039億美元)。
                  • 卡莫阿-卡庫拉銅礦項目于2021年第四季度生產精礦含銅金屬54,481噸,第三季度生產精礦含銅金屬41,545噸。
                  • 卡莫阿-卡庫拉2021年共生產精礦含銅金屬105,884噸,遠高于最初預期的生產指導目標的80,000至95,000噸,也高于上調后的2021年指導目標的92,500至100,000噸。
                  • 卡莫阿-卡庫拉的銅回收率從2021年7月份平均約81%上升至2021年12月份約88.5%。I期選廠設計穩產的銅回收率約86%,視入選品位有所浮動。
                  • 2021年第四季度,卡莫阿-卡庫拉出售53,165噸銅,獲得4.885億美元收入,錄得營業利潤1.989億美元,EBITDA為3.576億美元。
                  • 2021年第四季度,卡莫阿-卡庫拉每磅銅的銷售成本為1.12美元/磅,每磅銅的現金成本 (C1) 為1.28美元/磅,2021年第三季度則分別為1.08美元/磅和1.37美元/磅。隨著II期選廠即將投產,礦山的固定運營支出將隨銅產量增長而分攤,預計現金成本將會繼續下降。
                  • 卡莫阿-卡庫拉II期選廠將按計劃于2022年4月投產,將提升項目總設計產能至年處理礦石760萬噸。
                  • 將使I期和II期選廠產能提高21%的技改研究正在進行,目標是每年合計處理礦石920萬噸。技改方案實施后,預計到2023年第二季度,卡莫阿-卡庫拉I期和II期的年產銅超過45萬噸,使卡莫阿-卡庫拉成為全球第四大銅礦山。
                  • 艾芬豪礦業的財政狀況穩健。截至2021年12月31日,公司持有現金和現金等價物6.082億美元,預計卡莫阿-卡庫拉II期和III期擴建的大部分資本性開支將由銅銷售和現有的項目信貸融資支持?;诋斍暗氖袌鰲l件,預計艾芬豪礦業將于2022年開始償還卡莫阿-卡庫拉的股東貸款。
                  • 2021年第四季度,艾芬豪繼續在毗鄰卡莫阿-卡庫拉的、約2,550平方公里的西部前沿 (Western Forealand) 探礦權內開展勘查。2022年將開展大規模鉆探,計劃在剛果(金)旱季到來時開始,以2021年的工作為基礎,主要集中在航空和重力物探、土壤采樣以及道路建設。
                  • 之前取得重大發現的原班地質團隊,在西部前沿廣闊的勘查區內,采用相同的勘查模型;該模型成功指導了卡庫拉、卡庫拉西區和卡莫阿北區富礦帶的發現。
                  • 2021年12月,普拉特瑞夫項目獲得2億美元黃金金屬流和1億美元鈀-鉑金屬流融資,并于2021年12月收取第一期預付款7,500萬美元。
                  • 普拉特瑞夫可行性研究敏感性分析,采用2022年3月7日的時點金屬價格:鉑1,121美元/盎司、鈀2,979美元/盎司、銠22,200美元/盎司、金1,995美元/盎司、銅4.84美元/磅和鎳13.12美元/磅,項目稅后NPV為51億美元(折現率8%),稅后內部收益率為33%。
                  • 2022年2月,艾芬豪礦業公布普拉特瑞夫項目新可行性研究的非凡結果,基于520萬噸/年的穩態產能,充分論證新分期開發方案的可行性以加快推進普拉特瑞夫項目于2024年第三季度投產。
                  • 2022年2月,艾芬豪礦業與杰卡明 (Gécamines) 簽署新框架協議,推進基普什超高品位礦山重啟商業化生產。
                  • 2022年2月,艾芬豪礦業公布基普什重啟商業化生產計劃的獨立可行性研究的樂觀結果,復產建設為期兩年?;帐部尚行匝芯棵舾行苑治?,采用2022年3月7日的時點鋅價1.84美元/磅,項目稅后NPV為30億美元(折現率8%),稅后內部收益率為86%。
                  • 截至2021年底,卡莫阿-卡庫拉項目已連續270萬個工時沒有發生失時工傷、基普什項目已連續約400萬個工時沒有發生失時工傷,而普拉特瑞夫已連續677,450個工時沒有發生失時工傷。


                  1. 卡莫阿-卡庫拉銅礦項目        
                  艾芬豪礦業持有 39.6% 權益

                  卡莫阿-卡庫拉銅礦是艾芬豪礦業與紫金礦業的合資項目,被國際礦業咨詢公司伍德曼肯茲 (Wood Mackenzie) 評為全球第 4 大銅礦床。該項目位于科盧韋齊 (Kolwezi)以西約 25 公里,盧本巴希 (Lubumbashi) 以西約 270 公里處???卡庫拉項目于2021年5月啟動銅生產,并于2021年7月1日正式實現商業化生產。

                  2015年12月,艾芬豪向紫金礦業出售卡莫阿控股有限公司 (以下簡稱 "卡莫阿控股") 49.5% 的權益,并向私營企業晶河全球出售卡莫阿控股 1% 的權益??⒖毓沙钟许椖?80% 權益。與紫金礦業的交易完成后,每位股東須按其持有卡莫阿控股的股權比例承擔對卡莫阿-卡庫拉項目的出資。艾芬豪與紫金礦業各自間接持有卡莫阿-卡庫拉銅礦項目39.6% 的權益,晶河全球間接持有0.8% 權益,而剛果(金)政府則直接持有20% 權益。



                  截至 2021年12月底,卡莫阿-卡庫拉項目錄得2,696,794個零失時工傷工時。2021年第四季度發生了一起工傷事故。項目將繼續致力為所有員工和承包商提供零傷害的工作環境。





                  卡莫阿銅業的健康總監John Botomwito在新醫院的重癥監護病房。





                  礦石處理量 (千噸)



                  處理礦石銅品位 (%)



                  銅回收率 (%)



                  生產精礦含銅金屬 (噸)



                  已銷售銅 (噸)



                  銷售收入 (千美元)



                  每磅銷售成本 (美元/磅)



                  C1現金成本 (美元/磅)



                  EBITDA (千美元)




                  C1 現金成本的計算基準與伍德曼肯茲成本指南制定的行業標準定義一致,但并非國際財務報告準則 (IFRS) 認可的方式。在計算 C1 現金成本時,成本的計量基準與財務報表中所述的公司應占卡莫阿控股合資企業的收益份額相同。管理層以C1 現金成本評估經營業績,其中包括所有直接采礦、選礦以及管理和行政成本。冶煉費和銷售至最終港口的運費扣減被列作銷售收入的一部分,將計入C1現金成本,以得出交付成品金屬的粗略成本。權益金、產品稅和非經常性費用并非直接生產成本,因此不會計入C1現金成本。
















                  運費 (運往中國)



















                  卡莫阿-卡庫拉銅礦項目連續7 天超過設計產能的80%,回收率接近70%,已于2021年7月1日正式實現商業化生產???卡庫拉I期選廠的收入以及折舊自該日起入帳。


                  I期選廠的產能相比其380萬噸/年設計產能已高出15%以上,并于12月份達到設計產能的 117%。 










                  卡莫阿銅業新任總經理瑞安·魏美倫 (Riaan Vermeulen) (左中)和卡莫阿銅業首席執行官馬克·法倫 (Mark Farren) (右中) 與紫金礦業的高管團隊現場考察。







                  截至2022年2月底,卡莫阿-卡庫拉的地表堆場已儲備約460萬噸高品位和中品位礦石,平均銅品位約4.58%。2021年第四季度采出170萬噸礦石,銅品位 5.44%,包括在卡庫拉礦山采出的152萬噸礦石,銅品位5.60% (其中包括在礦床高品位中心采出81萬噸礦石,銅品位高達6.68%) 以及在卡索科礦山采出的18萬噸礦石,銅品位4.05%。



                  卡莫阿銅業與中信金屬香港有限公司 (以下簡稱"中信金屬") 和金山(香港)國際礦業有限公司 (紫金礦業的子公司) 就卡莫阿-卡庫拉I期生產的銅產品簽署各50%產量的包銷協議。包銷協議為常青協議,涵蓋 I 期礦山服務年限內的所有產品,包括銅精礦以及在鄰近的盧阿拉巴銅冶煉廠加工生產的粗銅。

                  中信金屬和紫金礦業以FCA (貨交承運人)方式購買卡庫拉礦山的銅精礦以及在盧阿拉巴銅冶煉廠加工生產的粗銅,買方將負責由交貨點經由南非德班港至最終目的地的貨運。

                  卡莫阿-卡庫拉于2021年6月1日向盧阿拉巴銅冶煉廠交付第一批銅精礦,預計每年將為卡莫阿-卡庫拉約15萬濕噸的銅精礦進行粗煉加工???卡庫拉于2021年7月開始出口銅精礦。裝載第一批銅精礦的車隊已于2021年7 月17日從礦山出發,將產品發往剛果(金) 境外的冶煉廠。



                  卡莫阿-卡庫拉的能源公司于2021年8月與剛果(金)國有電力公司SNEL擴展現有的融資協議,在英加二期水電站進行5號渦輪機組的升級工程。瑞士洛桑的Stucky公司和行業領先的工程集團德國海登海姆的福伊特水電 (Voith Hydro) 從2021年6月起負責研究確定項目的修繕范圍并開展技術性考察。5號渦輪機組升級的承包商福伊特水電曾成功改造了英加一期水電站的兩臺渦輪發電機,該項目由世界銀行提供資金。




                  2021年5月,艾芬豪礦業公開作出承諾,其領先行業的卡莫阿-卡庫拉銅礦將會致力實現凈零運營溫室氣體排放 (范圍一和范圍二)。





                  艾芬豪礦業于2010年創立“可持續民生計劃”,旨在通過建立農業園以及為當地農民提供支持,提升卡莫阿-卡庫拉項目社區的食品安全和農作物生產。迄今,約有 900位社區農民正受益于“可持續民生計劃”,為家人生產優質食品并出售多余的食品以獲得額外收入?!翱沙掷m民生計劃”從最初的玉米和蔬菜種植已發展到目前包括水果、水產養殖、家禽和養蜂。

                  農民Omba Gertrude Muwana (左)與卡莫阿銅業可持續民生農學家Benoit Mujinga在卡莫阿-卡庫拉附近的一個社區種植園和魚塘




                  Kaponda小學的建設、綠化工作和設施配備都已經完成,實現了民生計劃的另一里程碑,進一步支持聯合國的可持續發展目標。當地社區的企業計劃繼續推行,包括制磚和縫紉 (計劃于2022年擴展項目) 以及綠化和園藝 (或會對于業務效益和持續發展作出評估)。

                  搬遷計劃的安置房建設繼續按計劃推進,累計129個家庭已喬遷新居,剩余5個家庭。余下的家庭將于安置房建設完成后搬遷。為Kaponda社區建設的教堂已竣工,并正式交予社區居民。民生恢復計劃的重點是向所有受項目影響的居民分發758只雞,并為總計45名受益人每人分發3只羊。民生恢復計劃還包括在 9 公頃土地上種植 3,600 株橙苗、在 10 公頃土地上種植 1,000 株嫁接鱷梨樹,以及大約 54 公頃的木薯。







                  290,000 至 340,000

                  C1現金成本 (美元/磅)

                  1.20 至 1.40


                  C1 現金成本為非公認會計準則的財務指標。管理層以C1 現金成本評估經營業績,其中包括所有直接采礦、選礦以及管理和行政成本。冶煉費和銷售至最終港口 (通常是中國港口) 的運費扣減被列作銷售收入的一部分,將計入C1現金成本,以得出交付成品金屬的粗略成本。


                  2. 普拉特瑞夫項目

                  普拉特瑞夫項目由 Ivanplats (Pty) Ltd. (以下簡稱 "Ivanplats") 持有,艾芬豪礦業持有Ivanplats公司64%的權益?!度嫣岣吆谌私洕鷮嵙Ψò浮?B-BBEE) 的南非受益人持有項目26%的權益,這些受益人包括 20 個當地社區,約150,000 位居民、項目雇員和當地企業主。 Ivanplats 在最近 B-BBEE 評分核實評估中達到 4 級貢獻者標準。另外,伊藤忠商事株式會社、日本石油天然氣和金屬國家公司和日本天然氣公司組成的日本財團通過 2 輪投資 (共 2.9 億美元) 持有 Ivanplats 10% 的權益。


                  在布什維爾德北翼,鉑族金屬礦化主要賦存在普拉特瑞夫層位,是一套走向延伸30多公里的礦化序列。艾芬豪的普拉特瑞夫項目位于普拉特瑞夫層位的南部,由Turfspruit及Macalacaskop兩個相連的礦權組成。最北部的Turfspruit 礦權,鄰近且位于英美鉑金 (Anglo Platinum) Mogalakwena 礦山的走向延伸上。

                  自2007年以來,艾芬豪重點推進普拉特瑞夫的勘查和開發活動,以圈定和擴大早期發現的Flatreef礦床的深部延伸,以開展高度機械化的地下開采。整個Flatreef 礦區位于 Turfspruit 和 Macalacaskop 采礦權范圍內。


                  截至2021 年12月底,普拉特瑞夫項目共錄得677,450個零失時工傷工時。

                  首席安全官 Kgalalelo Tladi在1號豎井的地下裝配工作平臺進行安全檢查


                  截至2021年12月底,普拉特瑞夫項目共進行了6,516次COVID-19 檢測。為配合國家衛生部推行的全國疫苗接種計劃,Ivanplats 在礦山現場為員工接種COVID-19 疫苗,至今已完成470劑疫苗接種。普拉特瑞夫項目約 70% 的現場員工和承包商已接種了至少一劑疫苗。


                  2022年2月28日,艾芬豪礦業公布普拉特瑞夫項目新的獨立可行性研究 (以下簡稱“2022可行性研究”)的結果。 2022可行性研究,是以2020年11月發布的初步經濟評價  (以下簡稱“初步經濟評價”) 以及2020年可行性研究的出色結果為基礎。



                  • 普拉特瑞夫2022可行性研究對于普拉特瑞夫的分期開發方案進行了評估,初期70萬噸/年的地下采礦能力及77萬噸/年的選礦能力,以1號豎井附近的高品位礦帶為目標采區,初期資本開支為4.88億美元。
                  • I 期計劃于2024年第三季度實現首批精礦的生產,II 期擴建計劃于2號豎井在2027年投產后展開,其后建造兩座220萬噸/年的選廠,計劃分別于2028年及2029年投產。2號豎井將用作首采井,以提升穩態產能至520萬噸/年。
                  • 估計II 期擴建資本性開支為15億美元,將由 I 期的現金流和項目融資方案提供部分資金。
                  • Ivanplats勤勉盡責的工程團隊及高級顧問團隊正在評估優化2號豎井的鑿井方法,以求大幅提前2號豎井的提升作業,加快整體開發進程。
                  • I 期平均年產3.5噸(11.3萬盎司)的鈀、銠、鉑金和黃金 (以下簡稱“3PE+Au”) 以及2300噸(500萬磅)鎳和1400噸(300萬磅)銅。
                  • II 期平均年產18.4噸(59.1萬盎司)的3PE+Au金屬以及11,800噸(2,600萬磅)鎳和7,300噸(1,600萬磅)銅;這將使普拉特瑞夫成為世界第五大主要鉑族金屬礦山 (以鈀金屬當量排名)。
                  • 礦山服務年限內的現金成本為每盎司3PE+Au 514美元 (扣除副產品,并已計入維持性資本開支)。這將使普拉特瑞夫成為行業成本最低的主要鉑族金屬礦山。
                  • 以長期共識價格計算,稅后凈現值為17億美元 (折現率8%),內部收益率為18.5%。
                  • 可行性研究敏感性分析,采用2022年3月7日的時點金屬價格:鉑1,121美元/盎司、鈀2,979美元/盎司、銠22,200美元/盎司、金1,995美元/盎司、銅4.84美元/磅和鎳13.12美元/磅,項目稅后NPV為51億美元(折現率8%),稅后內部收益率為33%


                  圖2﹕全球規模最大、開發中的貴金屬礦床 (按探明和控制資源含金屬量排名)

                  信息來源﹕公司文件、標準普爾全球市場情報。根據標準普爾全球市場情報數據庫中最大規模的未被開發鈀、鉑金、黃金、銀和銠金屬項目進行排名 (以探明和控制的鈀當量金屬為標準)。鈀當量計算包括鈀、鉑、黃金、銀和銠盎司,并根據以下現貨金屬價格 (2022年2月23日) 假設計算﹕鉑1,095美元/盎司、鈀2,480美元/盎司、銠18,750美元/盎司、黃金1,909美元/盎司和銀24.55美元/盎司。普拉特瑞夫的探明和控制資源量,以1克/噸邊界品位估算鈀、鉑、黃金和銠金屬量。


                  2021年12月,Ivanplats就黃金、鈀及鉑金屬流融資與獵戶座礦業金融及Nomad Royalty Company 達成協議。獵戶座礦業金融是世界領先的金融集團,為礦業公司提供定制化的融資。 Nomad Royalty Company是一家擁有貴金屬特許使用權的公司,獵戶座是該公司的大股東之一 (獵戶座礦業金融及Nomad Royalty Company統稱為"金屬流買方")。交易將為I期大部分的資本性開支提供資金,項目將于2024年第三季度實現首批精礦生產。

                  金屬流融資是指買方以預付金額購買預售的精煉金屬,預付款總額為 3 億美元,分兩期支付,第一期預付款7,500萬美元于2021年12月份交易結束時收取,剩余的2.25億美元將在滿足若干先決條件后支付。

                  根據 2 億美元黃金金屬流協議的條款,金屬流買方將獲得精礦所含黃金的80%,直至交付量達35萬盎司,其后將減少至協議剩余有效期生產精礦所含黃金的64%。協議有效期將從金屬流協議的生效日期,直至向金屬流買方提供的交付量達685,280盎司黃金當日結束。金屬流買方將按相等于黃金市價或100美元/盎司 (以較低者為準) 的價格購買每盎司黃金。

                  根據 1 億美元鈀-鉑金屬流協議的條款,獵戶座礦業金融將獲得精礦所含鈀及鉑金的4.2%,直至交付量達35萬盎司,其后將減少至協議剩余有效期相關產量的2.4%。協議有效期將從金屬流協議的生效日期,直至向買方提供的交付量達485,115盎司鈀和鉑金當日結束。買方將按相等于鈀及鉑金市價30%的價格購買每盎司鈀及鉑金。

                  獵戶座礦業金融與Nomad Royalty團隊和普拉特瑞夫開發團隊在1號井架平臺





                  1號豎井底部的996米中段工作站已于2020年7月順利竣工。1號豎井早期將用作進場通道,距離 I 期規劃開采的Flatreef高品位采區約450米,適合進行大規模的機械化開采作業。位于750米、850米和950米中段的三個工作站均已完工,將為早期進入高品位礦區提供便利條件。



                  普拉特瑞夫項目的施工現場,包括下圖左邊的1號豎井以及下圖右邊的2號豎井井架 (從地基至井口) 的建設工程


                  豎井于2021年5月開始進行裝配,按計劃將于2022年3 月底完工。在豎井和地下工作站完成轉換及礦石和廢石通道建成后,將會啟動井下水平巷道開拓,向高品位礦區推進。


                  Ivanplats初步已為其主要采礦設備向瑞典斯德哥爾摩的 Epiroc公司下訂單,包括零排放的電動鑿巖臺車和鏟運機,將于 2022 年3月交付。礦山開拓工程合同已授予 Murray & Roberts Cementation,進場情況順利,預計于2022年4月在950米中段進行首次爆破。

                  2號豎井井架 (從地基至井口) 的建設工程進度理想

                  2號豎井的前期地表工程已于2017年展開,包括地表以下約 29 米深的開口以及建造103 米高的混凝土井架的地基。該井架將設有豎井的永久提升設施并將用于支撐井口。

                  2號豎井井架 (從地基至井口) 的建設工程進度理想,第6和第7部井架升降機已完工,第8部 (即最后一部) 升降機的施工進展順利。計劃共建設8部升降機,包括通風和工作人員通道,并計劃于2022年5月完工。


                  預計 I 期生產的用水需求最高約300萬公升/天,II 期擴建完工后將提高至900萬公升/天。2022年1月17日,艾芬豪公布已簽署新協議,將獲得當地經處理后的中水,以供應普拉特瑞夫分期開發所需的生產用水。這份協議取代了最初于2018年簽署的協議。

                  根據新包銷協議的條款,Mogalakwena當地政府 (以下簡稱“MLM”) 同意,自項目投產后的32年間由波特希特斯的 Masodi 廢水處理廠每天供應不少于300萬公升且不多于1,000萬公升經處理的中水。Masodi 廢水處理廠的施工正在進行中。

                  同時,Ivanplats已簽署資助協議,承諾將會完成Masodi廢水處理廠2018年中斷后的未完成工程。Ivanplats將向市政府提供經濟援助,預計投入約2.15億南非蘭特 (約1,400萬美元) 以完成Masodi處理廠的建設。Ivanplats將以5南非蘭特每1,000公升的較低價格購買中水。計劃2022年第三季度重新啟動建設工程,為期約18個月。


                  普拉特瑞夫項目的第二個社會和勞動計劃 (SLP) 已獲得批準。在第二個SLP中,Ivanplats計劃以第一個SLP為基礎,繼續專注于培訓和開發計劃,其中包括﹕增加15名新培訓師、向78名員工提供內部技術培訓、延續向即將退休的員工提供新/其他技術的培訓計劃、為項目社區成員提供社區成人教育,以及向最少100名社區成員提供核心技術培訓以及常用技能等。


                  礦山的常設培訓學院繼續添置設備,計劃于今年晚些時候正式開學。培訓學院的教室和辦公室已完工,并已制定培訓和電子學習計劃。項目推行的學員計劃,為49名當地學員提供學習機會,包括職業安全以及采礦技能 (例如Murray & Roberts培訓學院提供的工程車操作培訓) 的國家認可證書課程。學員計劃旨在促進性別多樣化,其中54%的學員都是女性。








                  3. 基普什項目

                  位于剛果(金)的基普什銅-鋅-鍺-銀-鉛礦,鄰近基普什鎮,距離盧本巴希西南約30公里?;帐驳靥幹蟹倾~礦帶,位于卡莫阿-卡庫拉銅礦項目東南約 250 公里,距離贊比亞邊境不足一公里。

                  2011年11月,艾芬豪通過其全資子公司基普什控股,收購了基普什項目 68% 的權益;其余 32% 權益由剛果(金)國有礦業公司杰卡明持有。


                  (從左至右)﹕ 艾芬豪礦業剛果(金)公共事務副總裁奧利維爾·賓因戈 (Olivier Binyingo)、艾芬豪礦業總裁瑪娜·克洛特、杰卡明董事長阿爾方斯·卡普托·卡魯比 (Alphonse Kaputo Kalubi) 及基普什公司總經理路易斯·瓦特姆 (Louis Watum) 在最近到訪卡莫阿-卡庫拉銅礦期間,就基普什的合作事項進行討論。



                  • 基普什控股將向杰卡明轉讓其在基普什項目持有的6%股權和投票權,其后基普什控股和杰卡明將分別持有62%和38%的股權。
                  • 2027年1月25日后,基普什控股應向杰卡明轉讓其在基普什項目持有的5%股權和投票權,其后基普什控股和杰卡明將分別持有57%和43%的股權。
                  • 在完成上述6%和5%的股權轉讓后,如需按照適用的法律或監管規定將基普什項目的部分股權轉讓與國家或任何第三方,則應由杰卡明履約轉讓該等基普什項目股權,而基普什控股將保持項目57%的股權不變。
                  • 一旦開采和處理礦石量達到目前估算的證實和可信儲量且不超過1,200萬噸,則基普什控股應向杰卡明再轉讓其在基普什項目中持有的37%股權和投票權,其后基普什控股和杰卡明將分別持有基普什項目的20%和80%股權。
                  • 成立新的監事會和執行委員會,以及依比例設置的股東代表席位。
                  • 實施重點發展剛果 (金) 人才的新舉措,包括個人發展、物色未來管理層、人才梯隊計劃以及員工性別平等。
                  • 已制訂基普什項目鋅精礦產品包銷的招標框架,杰卡明全程參與。
                  • 基普什控股將繼續通過股東貸款及/或第三方融資,為項目開發提供資金。股東貸款的利率為6%,從2022年1月1日起計息,適用于現有余額及任何后續貸款。根據現有股東貸款協議的條款,股東貸款的利率為倫敦同業拆借利率加4%,適用于80%的預付款,其余的20%免息。截至2021年12月31日,基普什控股的股東貸款余額 (已計入應付利息) 約5.28億美元。




                  基普什項目建設了新的飲用水供應站為基普什市免費供水?;帐彩猩鐓^成員從免費飲用水得到的日常支持涉及電力、化學消毒劑、日常維護、保安和緊急修復主要管網的泄漏,受惠人數多達十萬人 (未計郊區的居民)。日常每小時連續泵送約 1,000 立方米的飲用水供給使用者。






                  基普什2022 年可行性研究以艾芬豪礦業于2018年1月發表的預可行性研究為基礎?;帐矎彤a開發的建設周期為兩年,與同類開發項目比較,利用現有的地表和地下大型基礎設施,可大幅降低資本性開支。估計投產前資本性開支(包括應急費用) 為3.82億美元。

                  基普什2022可行性研究的重點是大鋅礦帶和南鋅礦帶的開采,估算的探明和控制礦產資源量之礦石量達1,180萬噸,鋅品位35.3%?;帐矒碛谐壐叩匿\品位,國際礦業領先的研究咨詢集團伍德曼肯茲認為基普什鋅品位超過全球第二高項目兩倍以上 (見圖 3)。

                  圖 3﹕按鋅金屬量排名的全球十大鋅礦

                  信息來源﹕伍德曼肯茲 (2022年1月)。注:上述項目 (基普什除外) 中各金屬礦種的礦石量和金屬品位均以公開披露為基礎,由伍德曼肯茲編輯整理。伍德曼肯茲根據其對金屬的長期價格假設,將各金屬品位轉換為當量鋅品位。


                  基普什礦山 2022可行性研究概要﹕

                  • 2022可行性研究對于80萬噸/年地下采礦和選廠的開發方案進行了評價,資源規模較預可行性研究有所提高,礦山服務年限延長至14年。
                  • 與同類項目對比,基普什利用現有的地表和地下基礎設施,可顯著降低資本性開支。主要的建設項目是兩年內在地表建造一座常規的浮選廠以及新的配套基礎設施。
                  • 投產前的資本性開支 (包括應急費用) 約為3.82億美元。
                  • 礦山服務年限內的平均年產量為24萬噸鋅(精礦含鋅金屬量),鋅品位32%,預計將使基普什躋身世界主要鋅礦山之列 (圖 3),一旦投產,其品位將遠高于其它礦山。
                  • 礦山服務年限內的平均C1現金成本為0.65美元/磅。預計基普什投產后在全球鋅生產商現金成本曲線中處于第二四分位。
                  • 以1.20美元/磅的長期鋅價估算,項目具有9.41億美元的稅后凈現值(折現率8%)和40.9%的稅后內部收益率,項目回報期2.3年。
                  • 敏感性分析采用2022年3月7日的時點鋅價1.84美元/磅,項目稅后NPV為30億美元(折現率8%),稅后內部收益率為86%。

                  基普什2022可行性研究由OreWin Pty. Ltd. 、MSA Group (Pty.) Ltd. 、SRK Consulting (Pty) Ltd.及METC Engineering按100%項目權益獨立編撰。




                  5號豎井的直徑為8米、深 1,240 米,現已進行升級和重新試車。主要的工作人員和物料進出場的卷揚機已完成升級改造,以滿足全球行業標準和安全標準。5號豎井的提升巖石卷揚機已全面運行,并已安裝新的箕斗、鋼索以及相關配件。豎井已安裝兩個新制造的巖石運輸工具(箕斗)和支撐框架(控制電纜),以方便從1,200 米中段的主礦石倉和廢石倉提升巖石。

                  盡管礦山開發作業受到阻礙,主要的工程仍繼續開展,包括安裝新的卷揚機作為第二出口,以及維修和更換 5 號豎井的關鍵泵站,以確保持續穩定地從井下抽水。

                  Patrick Mwanza Wa Kabongo在基普什的5 號豎井操作現代化的提升設備

                  過去12個月的鋅金屬現貨價格 (美元/磅)


                  在歷史上,基普什的開采作業從地表延伸至1,220 米的深度。計劃用作主要生產井的5號豎井,提升能力達180萬噸/年,并用作主要進場通道,經1,150米運輸中段進入礦山的較低中段 (包括大鋅礦帶)。



                  4. 西部前沿勘探項目




                  地表土壤和水系沉積物的采樣集中在探礦權的西南部。 2021年第四季度共采集了18個水系和462個土壤樣品。在礦權西南部開展填圖工作,同時開展地質解譯。


                  2021年第四季度重新開展磁法、重力和電磁航測。新的地球物理數據將有助于確定鉆探和土壤化探的目標靶區,以及進一步了解該區域的構造型式。磁法和重力物探已于年底前完成,電磁物探及附加的重力物探工作已完成46%。 2021年第四季度開展大地地球物理測量,將與航空測量結合使用,在需要時提供更高分辨率。


                  2022年2月,南非公司New Resolution Geophysics在艾芬豪的西部前沿探礦權進行航空電磁物探。電磁物探是設計的三項地球物理勘測中的最后一項,為地質師提供超高分辨率的數據,用于制訂2022年鉆探計劃。


                  財務信息精選是根據《國際財務報告準則》(IFRS) 編制并且在年度合并財務報表中列報。艾芬豪在任何財務報告期間都沒有任何經營收入???卡庫拉項目商業化生產所得的經營收入均被列入卡莫阿控股合資企業計算。艾芬豪在任何財務報告期間都未聲明或支付任何股息或股東紅利。


                  2021年12月31日止的年度回顧 (對比 2020年12月31日)

                  公司在截至 2021年12月31日錄得1,710萬美元的年度綜合收益,相比較截至 2020年12月31日則錄得4,550萬美元的年度綜合虧損。公司2021年的利潤主要源自卡莫阿控股合作企業的利潤份額。



                  2021年,卡莫阿控股合資企業的融資成本為1.506億美元 (2020年﹕7,980萬美元) ,其中1.338億美元與股東貸款有關,每位股東均需按照其股權比例向卡莫阿控股出資 (2020年﹕7,980萬美元)。其它的融資成本中,1,350萬美元與卡莫阿-卡庫拉包銷協議下的3億美元預付款有關,其余的330萬美元則與設備融資有關。

                  2021年截至12月31日,年度勘查及項目評價開支為5,220萬美元,較2020年同期 (4,470萬美元) 增加750萬美元??辈榧绊椖吭u價開支用于艾芬豪的西部前沿探礦權的勘查活動,還包括用于基普什項目的開支,但由于項目于2021年及2020年勘查工作量減少產生的費用較少。


                  截至2021年12月31日止的年度財務收入達1.023億美元,2020年同期為8,080 萬美元。財務收入已計入2021年向卡莫阿控股合資企業提供貸款以運營所得的利息收入9,390萬美元以及2020年所得的利息收入7,040萬美元,隨著累計貸款余額增加。



                  2021 年 12 月完成的金屬流融資,將為 Platreef 項目的大部分I期資本性開支提供資金,鑒于2022年可行性研究的出色業績,現在認為普拉特瑞夫項目很可能獲得應稅利潤,可以使用未使用的稅收損失和未使用的稅收抵免。因此,公司于 2021 年 12 月確認了先前未確認的遞延所得稅資產,從而產生了 7,500 萬美元的遞延所得稅回收(收入)。

                  截至2021年12月31日的財務狀況 (對比截至2020年12月31日)

                  截至2021年12月31日,公司的總資產為32.182億美元,相比截至2020年12月31日的24.171億美元上升8.011億美元??傎Y產的增長主要由于2021年3月17日完成發行高級可轉債所得的凈收入所致。出售可轉債所得的收入 (扣除與主負債相關的發行成本1,050萬美元) 為5.645億美元。


                  截至2021年12月31日,公司的總負債為8.412億美元,相比截至2020年12月31日的8,060萬美元增加了7.606億美元,主要由于上述私募發行總額5.75億美元、息票率2.50%的高級可轉債(見公司的2021年度《管理層討論與分析》)以及金屬流融資的遞延收入6,960萬美元 (扣除交易成本)所致。遞延收入代表金屬流買方以預付金額購買普拉特瑞夫項目預售的精煉黃金、鈀和鉑金,并將在交付時以盎司攤銷。




                  公司向卡莫阿控股合資企業的投資增加了3.523億美元,從截至2020年12月31日的12.895億美元到截至2021年12月31日的16.418億美元。公司在 12月31日止的2021年度向卡莫阿控股合資企業的現金出資份額達到1.527億美元,而公司應占的合資企業收益則為1.057億美元。



                  展望未來,項目I期的所有運營支出以及II期和 III期的大部分資本支出將會從銅產品銷售收入和卡莫阿-卡庫拉現有的信貸出資。滿足運營和擴建需求后的現金余額,將用于償還股東貸款?;诋斍暗氖袌鰲l件,預計卡莫阿-卡庫拉將于2022年開始償還股東貸款。

                  截至2020年12月底,卡莫阿控股合資企業已從設備融資獲得4,500萬歐元 (約5,600萬美元) 以及從首付款貸款中提取900萬美元,并于2021年從設備融資獲得2,270萬歐元,截至2021年12月31日已提取總計6,720萬歐元 (約7,610萬美元)。設備融資僅以設備作為抵押,實際利率為8.96%。首付款貸款則無抵押,實際利率為11.58%。

                  卡莫阿控股合資企業的不動產、廠房和設備從 2020年12月31日增長至 2021年12月31日,達到6.741億美元,可進一步分解如下:



                  截至2021年12月31日止三個月 (對比 2020年12月31日) 的回顧


                  卡莫阿-卡庫拉銅礦項目于2021年第四季度出售53,165噸應付銅,為卡莫阿控股合資企業取得4.885億美元的收入。 2021年第四季度,公司來自合資企業的應收總收入1.039億美元,總結如下:


                  2021年第四季度,卡莫阿控股合資企業的融資成本為5,560萬美元,其中4,570萬美元與股東貸款有關,每位股東均需按照其股權比例進行出資 (2020年第四季度﹕2,130萬美元)。在余下的融資成本中,800萬美元與卡莫阿包銷協議下的3億美元預付款有關,其余的180萬美元則與設備融資有關。

                  公司在2021年第四季度嵌入式衍生金融負債的公允價值錄得8,850萬美元的虧損。財務成本從 2020 年第四季度的 150 萬美元增加到 2021 年同期的 1,050 萬美元,其中1,020萬美元與可轉債的利息 (按實際利率計算) 有關。

                  公司于2021年12月簽署金屬流融資協議,將為普拉特瑞夫項目I期的大部分資本性開支提供資金。同時,普拉特瑞夫2022可行性研究取得非凡的測算結果,普拉特瑞夫項目未來很可能有應課稅溢利,可用于抵銷未扣減的稅項虧損以及未使用的稅項抵免。因此,公司在 2021 年第四季度核實了先前未確認的遞延稅項資產,在該期間產生遞延稅款回收 (收入) 7,500 萬美元。

                  2021年第四季度的財務收入達2,800萬美元,與2020年同期 (2,100萬美元) 相比高出700萬美元。財務收入中包括向卡莫阿控股合資企業提供的貸款利息,2021年第四季度的利息收入2,550萬美元,2020年同期所得的利息收入為1,970萬美元,隨著累計貸款余額增加。



                  截至2021年12月31日,公司擁有6.082億美元的現金和現金等價物。截至該日,公司的綜合運營資金約為6.548億美元,而截至 2020年12月31日則為3.08億美元。

                  普拉特瑞夫項目于2021年12月已就黃金、鈀及鉑金屬流融資達成協議,將為I期大部分的資本性開支提供資金。金屬流融資是指買方以預付款項購買預售的精煉金屬,預付款總額為 3 億美元,分兩期支付,第一期預付款7,500萬美元已于12月份交易結束時收取,剩余的2.25億美元將在滿足若干先決條件后支付。

                  在 2022 年,公司對于普拉特瑞夫項目的主要目標是要繼續推進I期的建設工程,計劃于2024年第三季度投產,以及繼續建設2號豎井的井架以提前II期投產?;帐岔椖康目尚行匝芯恳呀浲瓿?,且開發方案已達成協議;在合資企業協議修訂案簽字和融資安排完成后,艾芬豪將開展長周期設備的采購以及其他建設工程???卡庫拉項目已啟動首批銅精礦生產,II期選廠擴建將于2022年4月完工???卡庫拉項目將重點提高運營效率,在I期和II期實施技改方案以及推進III期擴建。

                  2022年預算擬投入1.9億美元進一步開發普拉特瑞夫項目,8,000萬美元用于基普什項目,以及3,500萬美元用于公司經常性開支。 2022年將繼續在剛果(金) 的西部前沿勘查項目其它靶區進行勘查活動,初步預算為3,200萬美元。






                  如上所述,上表列出的債務代表應向花旗銀行支付的抵押債券以及應付ITC Platinum Development Limited的貸款。





                  C1 現金成本的計算基準與伍德曼肯茲成本指南制定的行業標準定義一致,但并非IFRS 認可的計量。在計算 C1 現金成本時,成本的計量基準與財務報表中所述的公司應占卡莫阿控股合資企業的收益份額相同。管理層以C1 現金成本評估經營業績,其中包括所有直接采礦、選礦以及行政和管理成本。冶煉費和銷售至最終港口的運費扣減被列作銷售收入的一部分,將計入C1現金成本,以得出交付成品金屬的粗略成本。權益金、生產稅和非經常性費用并非直接生產成本,因此不會計入C1現金成本。




                  EBITDA 為非公認會計準則的財務指標,是指未計所得稅、財務成本、財務收入和折舊之前的凈利潤。

                  艾芬豪認為,卡莫阿-卡庫拉的 EBITDA 是衡量卡莫阿-卡庫拉銅礦項目是否有能力產生流動性的重要指標,通過產生運營現金流為其營運所需提供資金、償還債務、為資本性開支供資,以及向股東派發現金股利。投資者和分析師也經常使用 EBITDA進行估值。EBITDA 旨在向投資者和分析師提供額外信息,但并非由 IFRS 標準定義的,故不應被獨立評估或取代按照IFRS制訂的表現指標。EBITDA 撇除融資活動的現金成本和稅項的影響以及運營資金余額變動的影響,因此并不代表IFRS所定義的營業利潤或經營產生的現金流。公司計算 EBITDA 的方法可能與其他公司有所不同。




                  合資格人及NI 43-101 技術報告

                  本新聞稿中關于卡莫阿-卡庫拉項目資本性開支和開發方案修訂版的科學或技術性披露已經由史蒂夫·阿莫斯 (Steve Amos) 審查和批準,他憑借其教育、經驗和專業協會會籍被認為是NI 43-101 標準下的合資格人。由于阿莫斯先生是卡莫阿項目的負責人,因此他并不符合NI 43-101 對獨立人士的界定。阿莫斯先生已核實本新聞稿所披露的技術數據。

                  本新聞稿中的其它科學或技術性披露已經由斯蒂芬·托爾 (Stephen Torr) 審查和批準,他憑借其教育、經驗和專業協會會籍被認為是NI 43-101 條款下的合資格人。由于托爾先生是地球科學副總裁,因此他并不符合NI 43-101 對獨立人士的界定。托爾先生已核實本新聞稿所披露的其它技術數據。

                  艾芬豪已經為基普什項目和卡莫阿-卡庫拉項目分別編制了一份符合NI 43-101 標準的最新獨立技術報告,這些報告可在SEDAR 網站上的艾芬豪頁面獲得,網址為 www.sedar.com

                  • 2020年10月13日發布的2020年卡莫阿-卡庫拉綜合開發方案,由OreWin Pty Ltd.、中國瑞林工程技術有限公司、DRA Global、Epoch Resources、Golder Associates Africa、KGHM Cuprum R&D Centre Ltd.、Outotec Oyj、Paterson and Cooke、Stantec Consulting International LLC、SRK Consulting Inc.以及Wood plc編制,涵蓋公司的卡莫阿-卡庫拉項目;以及
                  • 2022年2月14日發布的基普什2022可行性研究,由OreWin Pty Ltd.、MSA Group (Pty) Ltd.、SRK Consulting (South Africa) (Pty) Ltd. 和METC Engineering編制,涵蓋了公司的基普什項目。


                  • 2020年12月6日發布的2020 年普拉特瑞夫綜合開發方案,由OreWin Pty Ltd.、Wood plc (前為Amec Foster Wheeler)、SRK Consulting Inc.、Stantec Consulting International LLC 、DRA Global以及Golder Associates Africa編制,涵蓋公司的普拉特瑞夫項目。

                  普拉特瑞夫項目的最新技術報告 (包括關于普拉特瑞夫2022可行性研究的披露) 將于NI 43-101規定的時間內在SEDAR網頁提交,網址為www.sedar.com。



                  投資者:比爾·特倫曼 (Bill Trenaman),電話:+1.604.331.9834  

                  媒體:馬修·基維爾 (Matthew Keevil),電話:+1.604.558.1034



                  本新聞稿載有的某些陳述可能構成適用證券法所訂議的“前瞻性陳述”或“前瞻性信息”。這些陳述及信息涉及已知和未知的風險、不明朗因素和其他因素,可能導致本公司的實際業績、表現或成就、其項目或行業的業績,與前瞻性陳述或信息所表達或暗示的任何未來業績、表現或成就產生重大差異。這些陳述可通過文中使用“可能”、“將會”、“會”、“將要”、“打算”、“預期”、“相信”、“計劃”、“預計”、“估計”、 “安排” 、“預測”、“預言”及其他類似用語,或者聲明“可能”、“會”、“將會”、“可能會”或“將要”采取、發生或實現某些行動、事件或結果進行識別。這些陳述僅反映本公司于本新聞稿發布當日對于未來事件、表現和業績的當前預期。

                  該等陳述包括但不限于下列事項的時間點和結果﹕(i) 關于隨著卡莫阿-卡庫拉II期選廠即將投產,礦山的固定運營支出將按銅產量增長而分攤,預計成本將會下降的陳述;(ii) 關于卡莫阿-卡庫拉II期選廠將按計劃于2022年4月實現投產,將提升設計產能至年處理礦石760萬噸的陳述;(iii) 關于預期的擴大加工產能的技改方案和相關的支出;(iv)關于預計到2023年第二季度,卡莫阿-卡庫拉I期和II期的年產量將達到45萬噸銅以上的陳述;(v) 關于預計卡莫阿-卡庫拉II期和III期擴建的大部分資本支出將會從銅銷售和卡莫阿現有的信貸出資的陳述;(vi) 關于基于當前的市場條件,預計將于2022年開始償還卡莫阿-卡庫拉的股東貸款的陳述;(vii) 艾芬豪礦業2022年在西部前沿項目的初步勘查預算為2,500萬美元。主要費用集中在勘查鉆探,超過50,000米的淺孔(深度小于150米)、空氣巖芯鉆、反循環鉆和金剛石鉆探,旨在揭露Kalahari砂層下部的基巖位置并采取基巖樣品。另外還初步設計了最高45,000米的區域深孔鉆探,覆蓋整個2,550平方公里的礦權范圍,其中部分工程視前期工作結果而定。;(viii) 關于基普什重啟商業化生產計劃的復產建設為期兩年的陳述; (ix)第三座選廠規模更為龐大,目前正進行設計工作,預計于2024年第四季度實現投產,將處理來自卡索科南部開采的礦石以及新礦山卡莫阿一區和卡莫阿二區提供的礦石的陳述;(x) 關于更新版的預可行性研究將涵蓋III期擴建計劃,預計于2022年第三季度發布的陳述;(xi) 關于卡莫阿-卡庫拉I期選廠預期通過一些相對微小的調整,可使選廠的礦石處理量加大,從當前的設計生產率每小時475噸提升至每小時580噸的陳述; (xii) 關于5號渦輪機組預計將產生162兆瓦的可再生水電,為卡莫阿-卡庫拉銅礦項目和規劃中的冶煉廠提供長期的穩定電力以配合日后擴建計劃的陳述;(xiv) 關于卡莫阿-卡庫拉項目旨在成為首個實現凈零碳排放的頂級銅礦山,將使用電池或氫燃料電池驅動的先進設備,在它們可供商業使用時盡快引入項目的采礦作業,全力推進電氣化采礦作業的陳述;(xv) 關于卡莫阿-卡庫拉銅礦項目的2022年生產精礦含銅金屬的指導目標為290,000噸至340,000噸的陳述;(xvii) 關于卡莫阿-卡庫拉銅礦項目的2022年現金成本指導目標為1.20至1.40美元/磅的陳述; (xvii) 關于隨著II期選廠即將投產,礦山的固定運營支出將按銅產量增長而分攤,預計每磅銅的銷售成本和每磅銅的C1現金成本將會繼續下降的陳述;(xvii) 關于普拉特瑞夫項目新獨立可行性研究確定新分期開發方案的可行性,加快普拉特瑞夫于2024年第三季度投產的陳述;(xvii) 關于普拉特瑞夫項目的高級債務融資,包括僅在金屬流融資全額提取后才能使用的陳述;(xxi) 關于普拉特瑞夫1號豎井將按計劃于2022年初開始巖石提升的陳述;(xix) 關于普拉特瑞夫豎井將配備兩個12.5噸的箕斗,提升能力達100萬噸/年,由于設置更改后不需要可轉換的罐籠,因此在開采初期可用更多時間進行礦石提升的陳述;(xxiii) 關于普拉特瑞夫豎井的裝配工作將按計劃于2022年3月底完工的陳述;(xxi) 關于普拉特瑞夫1號豎井預計于2022年4月在950米中段進行首次爆破的陳述;(xxii) 關于普拉特瑞夫2號豎井計劃建設8部升降機,包括通風和工作人員通道,并計劃于2022年5月完工的陳述;(xxvi) 關于普拉特瑞夫 I 期生產的用水需求預計最高約300萬公升/天,II 期擴建完工后將提高至900萬公升/天的陳述;(xxiv) 關于Ivanplats以5南非蘭特每1,000公升的較低價格向Masodi 廢水處理廠購買中水的陳述;(xxv) 關于項目計劃2022年第三季度重新啟動Masodi廢水處理廠的建設工程,將需要18個月的陳述;(xxvi) 關于普拉特瑞夫項目實施第二個社會和勞動計劃的陳述;(xxvii) 關于普拉特瑞夫礦山的常設培訓學院繼續添置設備,計劃于2022年正式開幕的陳述;(xxviii) 關于艾芬豪礦業與杰卡明簽署新框架協議,推進基普什超高品位礦山重啟商業化生產的陳述;(xxix)基普什控股將繼續通過股東貸款及/或第三方融資,為基普什項目開發提供資金;(xxx) 關于基普什項目計劃于未來5年在基普什區域范圍建設50個水井,為偏遠地區提供水源的陳述; (xxxi) 關于2022年的主要目標、2022年預算和資本支出的陳述。


                  另外,對于與卡莫阿-卡庫拉項目、普拉特瑞夫項目和基普什項目運營及開發有關的特定前瞻性信息,公司是基于某些不確定因素而作出假設和分析。不確定因素包括:(i) 基礎設施的充足性;(ii) 地質特征;(iii) 礦化的選冶特征;(iv) 發展充足選礦產能的能力;(v) 銅、鎳、鋅、鉑金,鈀、銠和黃金的價格;(vi) 完成開發所需的設備和設施的可用性;(vii) 消耗品和采礦及選礦設備的費用;(viii) 不可預見的技術和工程問題;(ix) 事故或破壞或恐怖主義行為;(x) 貨幣波動; (xi) 法例修訂;(xii) 合資企業伙伴對協議條款的遵守情況;(xiii) 熟練勞工的人手和生產率;(xiv) 各政府機構對礦業的監管;(xv) 籌集足夠資金以發展該等項目的能力;(xvi) 項目范圍或設計更變;(xvii) 回收率、開采率和品位;(xviii) 政治因素;(xix) 礦山進水情況及對于開采作業的潛在影響;以及 (xx) 電源的穩定性和供應。

                  本新聞稿還載有礦產資源和礦產儲量估算的參考信息。礦產資源估算未能確定,并涉及對許多有關因素的主觀判斷。礦產儲量的估算提供了更多的確定性,但仍然涉及類似的主觀判斷。礦產資源不是礦產儲量,不具有論證的經濟潛力。任何該等估算的準確性是可用數據的數量和質量函數,并根據工程和地質詮釋的假設和判斷而作出 (包括公司項目的未來產量估算、預期將開采的礦石量和品位,以及估計將實現的回收率),可能被證明是不可靠,在一定程度上取決于鉆探結果和統計推論的分析,而最終可能證明是不準確的。礦產資源或礦產儲量估算可能需要根據下列因素作出重新估算﹕(i) 銅、鎳、鋅、鉑族金屬、黃金或其他礦產價格的波動;(ii) 鉆探結果;(iii) 選冶試驗和其他研究的結果;(iv) 建議采礦作業,包括貧化;(v) 在任何估算日期后作出的采礦計劃評估; (vi) 未能取得所需準許、批準和許可證的可能性;以及(vii) 法律或法規的修訂。




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